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June 2020 Opus


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MAP Achievers

Gabriela Martina’s Dinner with My Neighbor

Adult Soiree at Home


Online Summer Music Camps

Make your brain happy today with music.

CCM faculty provides lessons, and soon summer camps, online with creative and innovative approaches that make the Distance Learning Program a dynamic experience. They are creating new ways to learn songs and scales and using technology to its fullest potential.

If you haven’t already, take time to read Nicholas Southwick, Using New Ideas & Technology to Advance His Students. It’s just one example of how our faculty members make learning music online an enriching, rewarding, fun, and successful experience!

Turn to music this summer to boost your creativity, improve your cognitive skills, and soothe your nerves.

Summer online music campsdesigned specifically for virtual music learning.

Learn from CCM’s experienced instructors on the virtual platform combining high-quality instruction with the excitement of making music with other students who love music.  Each program will include Zoom sessions, and other resources to supplement the learning.  You can also take private lessons over the summer

M. Steinert & Sons & CCM Partnership M. Steinert & Sons Partnership with CCM

CCM is pleased to partner with M. Steinert & Sons, New England’s premier piano dealer. Recognizing that not every family is ready to purchase a piano, M. Steinert & Sons has rental options to offer the beginner as well as the concert pianist. 

Our students will receive a discount on the monthly piano rental rate or purchase, and we are so grateful that CCM will also receive a portion of proceeds from piano purchases.  

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MAP Achievers, who are they?

They’re curious, confident, and passionate young musicians, and the unavoidable change to distance learning didn’t deter them. Consequently, we had to rethink how we presented our MAP activities for our students at home. Although they couldn’t be in the same room, the collaboration continued with siblings or friends at a distance. Bonus workshops were replaced by achieving individual goals set jointly with their instructors.

Seventeen dedicated students completed their MAP with 8 achieving Gold.

Our kids completed more than 250 MAP activities this year—a fantastic accomplishment. Achieving Gold means they took their learning seriously to develop into an accomplished musician. As Margaret Romero, CCM Ensemble Community Coordinator, says, “Things were going great, but when COVID-19 hit, we weren’t sure how things would turn out. But these 17 students doubled-down and worked harder than ever to complete their MAP, and 8 of them even did it with Gold!” Bravo CCM achievers! CCM parent quote

Each MAP achiever had a favorite activity this year. Oliver Rodriguez likes the recitals because he got to see all the other kids perform while his brother Elliott’s favorite activity was seeing all the different operas in the workshop Everything You Wanted to Know About Opera But were Afraid to Ask.

MAP achievers completed monthly practice challenges, improved their understanding of theory in workshops, submitted their recital performance, and collaborated with other musicians. Some even were able to participate in a community performance before March. They truly earned their Music Achievement Program certificate and the ice cream Reasons to Be Cheerful coupon delivered right to their home mailbox, just in time for summer.


Gabriela Martina


Unprecedented time spurs a musician to share her culinary talents

When CCM voice faculty member Gabriela Martina’s album release and her nine-concert European tour HOMAGE TO GRÄMLIS was canceled, she found a new way to connect with her family, friends, fans, and community-at-large. Dinner with My Neighbor began in March and continues with fabulous meals and great conversation, and caught the attention of Boston station WBUR. You can read and listen to Gabriela’s interview on WBUR’s site.

Gabriela says the process is so simple: “I cook and I invite somebody who would like to eat with me. Then they come and pick it up, and as soon as they’re home, they’ll text me, and then we Zoom, or we FaceTime with each other and enjoy the dinner.” Gabriela has made more than 70 dinners to-date and posts them on YouTube.

She’s spreading kindness with her culinary talents and sharing her time since she understands well that human connection is so important, especially right now. As she says, “I hope that it encourages some of you to do the same - cook for each other and share a virtual dinner with someone you love during COVID-19.”



Adult Soirée at Home


Everyone got comfortable in their own homes in front of their computers and were ready to share their musical piece with fellow CCM adult students via Zoom. A Friday night in May, more than 30 adult students gathered online to celebrate their success at the semester-end soirée.

The group enthusiastically came together to listen to their peers’ video-recorded performances and drink their favorite cocktail. After entering the Zoom call and having a quick round of introductions, groups of 5 to 6 broke off into Zoom chat rooms to socialize before returning as one large group to hear all the great performances. Host CCM faculty member Keith Kirchoff greeted and introduced each musician before sharing their performance. Beginners to highly-experienced musicians shared their music with even one student Scott Wood sharing his original piece. Mother-daughter duet—Abby Kirincich joined her mom Susan Mahan, proving that family collaborations work exceptionally well.

It was 12 years ago that Nick Walters began piano and violin lessons at CCM. Now he joined the adult group as a highly accomplished and talented musician. He’s taken piano lessons for 12 years with Lorna Henderson, and has also taken composition lessons with Keith for more than three years.

Nick, a recent graduate from Hamilton College with a BA in Music, showed how practice pays off. Luckily, we can all enjoy his performance again. We wish Nick well as he heads to the University of Cambridge for a Masters in Musicology in the fall, studying his interests— sacred choral music, especially medieval and Renaissance. Congratulations to Nick and all the adult students for a job well done!