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Concord Conservatory of Music is a nonprofit music school serving Concord, MA and 15 surrounding communities. We are a creative and supportive community of musicians at all ages and levels.

To cultivate the love and lifelong benefits of music through high-quality, accessible instruction, performance, and community engagement.

CCM is a vibrant, welcoming cultural pillar that enriches lives through music.

We believe:

Music matters for everyone

Music is a universal language.  It can transport us, help us relive special moments, and make us healthier, happier, and more connected.  Regardless of age, background, ability, or economic circumstances, everyone should have the chance to enjoy the many benefits of music.

Music education works best when it’s high-quality

When a supportive community combines a holistic curriculum with exceptional faculty and staff, students learn and enjoy music more.

Music should be shared

Playing music together is fun, improves musicianship, and builds a sense of belonging. For all our students, we encourage shared musical experiences beyond recitals, including ensembles, jams, and concerts.

Music is meant to be explored

Music always changes and evolves, and musicians should too. Music appreciation involves broad exposure to a wide variety of musical styles.

Music builds community

Sharing the joys and benefits of music strengthens community and, in turn, a strong musical community enhances learning and enjoyment. Our outreach programs strive to increase the presence of music in the lives of both our students and our communities.

If you listen to people talk, when people actually talk, they talk in melodies. If they get angry, their voice rises, and it's more of a staccato thing. When they ask for something, they're real sweet. It's all music.

- John Prine