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In The Community

Concord Conservatory of Music serves Concord, Massachusetts and 15 surrounding communities. Many programs and performances are open to all, and students and faculty regularly appear in private settings as well.

As part of our mission to make music education accessible to all, we welcome opportunities to build educational and performance experiences that create new relationships. Through these opportunities, we strive to strengthen wellbeing, build social bonds, and actively involve all members of our community in dynamic music-making.

CCM’s Community Connections programs are supported by grants, community donations, and contributions from our partners. The National Guild for Community Arts Education defines partnerships as “collaborative efforts characterized by shared responsibility and joint investment in vision, goals, plans, implementation, and evaluation to bring about deeper student learning, and increase impact and sustainability.” To learn more please contact the School Director.

Singing with Parkinson’s

A chorus-based opportunity to participate in voice therapy through song, Singing with Parkinson’s focuses on vocal fitness while offering people coping with the disease a chance to sing together, perform in the community and build new friendships. Breathing, stretching, posture and vocal exercises are taught in a supportive, congenial environment.

Singing with Parkinson’s is supported by a grant from the American Parkinson Disease Association Massachusetts Chapter.

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With so many ways to communicate at our disposal, we must not forget the transformative power of a live music experience and genuine human exchange.

— Jon Batiste