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Exploring Turkish Music

Berklee Professor of World Music Bengisu Gokce captivated and connected to her audience CCM student at the Turkish Music lecture as she presented Turkish classical world music on November 4th at CCM. She beautifully demonstrated many genres of Turkish music on her violin throughout the presentation and explained the history of the music and how it differs from Western music

Her warmth and style were infectious and engaging—the presentation concluded with a Q&A that involved one of our young CCM students, Eric. She made a point of including him in the conversation and asked him to join her at the piano.

He said, “It was awesome, I think it was great. I liked the part about the instruments, and I liked getting a chance to play. I learned how music is written in Turkey.” Enrolled in the CCM Music Achievement Program, Eric is on his way to completing the program and achieving its Gold status.

Community Sing on Sunday, December 4th!

In the Pale Morning Light – A Festival of Hope 

Sunday, December 4, 1:30 – 2:30 pm in North Hall, and then join the group and sing in Concord’s annual Tree Lighting

Concord Conservatory of Music’s Community Sing is an opportunity for singing enthusiasts of all ages and levels to gather and enjoy making music together.

Bring the entire family to this free event! Led by CCM voice faculty Gray Leiper, this unique multi-generational chorus will sing musical selections that celebrate the seasons.

Sing with us and sign-up today! There is no fee to participate.

Your December Listening Project Playlist!

With no specific theme for this month’s entry, we present a musical potpourri. You’ll hear a mix of classical music from different eras along with some jazz- and bluegrass- influenced music.

Remember to use your Listening Journal for additional thought-provoking questions to think about while listening to the selections. It’s a great way to start insightful conversations with your family, friends, or music instructor!

Sponsored by The Senkler, Pasley, Dowcett Team  @ Coldwell Banker 

Take these shortcuts to your December playlist:  Spotify.

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A Natural Fit: Kids and the Ukulele

BGCAV students ukulele performance

Nothing sparks an interest in music and learning an instrument for kids like the ukulele. This easy-to-tote and super fun four string instrument is the perfect tool to teach young kids chord formation without frustration and stress.

We’ve seen it firsthand—lots of smiles and laughter from kids playing the ukulele.

On Thursday afternoons, the Boys & Girls Club of Assabet Valley (BGCAV) in Maynard is filled with kids playing games, doing homework, and taking advantage of their athletic space. If you listen closely, you’ll hear a new sound, the sound of ukuleles and kids singing.

CCM instructor Cathy Marks leads two classes at the BGCAV, teaching the kids the ukulele and Cathy Marks teaches ukulele at the Club general music. For most of these kids, it’s their first opportunity to have instrument lessons, learn foundational music skills like rhythm, play in unison as a group, and sing while playing. Annalisa says, “Over the last few weeks, we have seen the ukulele lessons, under the tutelage of Ms. Cathy, draw out feelings of pride, self-confidence, and pure enjoyment. We plan on offering the ukulele lessons in the winter and may expand to include drums next year. Our partnership with CCM has been wonderful.”

Here at CCM, the ukulele program has been popular with adults for years.  This winter, CCM is offering the Ukulele Crash Course for Kids, why should the adults have all the fun?

Best of all, kids reap amazing benefits from learning the ukulele. Ukulele student

As with any instrument, kids naturally absorb numerous benefits from learning and playing the ukulele. Helping with eye-hand coordination, focusing, and boosting their self-esteem to name a few. Kids who play the ukulele in an extremely social and stress-free environment experience a truly fun time and a sense of accomplishment. They’re learning songs to sing with one another and making friends.

The Ukulele Crash Course for Kids is for kids ages 8 – 10 and will meet on Wednesdays 3:15 – 4:00 pm beginning January 4th for 10 weeks.  Don’t delay, get your kids registered today!



Exploring music’s role in developing children’s executive function

Exploring music's role in developing children's executive function

When you hear the first few beats of a favorite song, how do you respond? Do you start to tap out a beat, hum along, or feel particular emotions? It only takes those first moments to remind us of the power of music, and this power extends to all individuals, regardless of disability status. Many peer-reviewed scholarly articles explore and explain the varied benefits of musical education for children with developmental and intellectual disabilities, including those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Research on the subject has been taking place for over 25 years, and countless children have benefited from music classes.

Improves communication skills

Music has been shown to effectively enhance verbal and nonverbal communication in children with developmental delays. Research from McGill University and Université de Montreal has found increased connectivity between auditory and motor regions of the brain, which are believed to be related to the significant improvements in children’s communication skills and family quality life reported by their parents. Music can even be used to support children’s literacy.

Provides a multi-sensory learning experience

While you may think of music as something comprised simply of sound, musical experiences are Music and movement multisensory and thus provide a ripe opportunity to support children’s development. Through music-centered learning, children are encouraged to touch, hear, see, vocalize, and move, all of which aid in well-rounded development. The use of props, visual aids, and physical movement in addition to song keeps students engaged and excited!

Improves attention

The patterns in music can help children remain attentive, especially since many respond better to auditory cues rather than visual ones. There are different types of attention; these include sustained, selective, and alternating. Sustained attention the ability to continuously focus on something, selective attention is the ability to focus on something when other things are occurring in the room, and alternating attention is the ability to switch between tasks with different mental demands. Many children with ASD struggle with transitions and step-by-step routines, but integrating music has been shown to smooth transitions both physically and emotionally. Kids music class

Concord Conservatory of Music is committed to providing equal access to music classes for all children. Our Tones of Fun Developmental Music Class offers a fun, creative, and positive experience for children with learning and developmental disabilities and their parents and siblings. A truly musical experience that the entire family can benefit from!



A disability diagnosis should not be a barrier to experiencing music

Whether it’s young children taking music classes for the first time, teens connecting with like-minded peers within an ensemble, or adults dusting off their instruments for the first time in years, there is no doubt that music is for everyone. At Concord Conservatory of Music, when people of all ages and abilities take the time to be musical, remarkable things happen!

Every gift strengthens our ability to provide an extraordinary musical experience for all students–also now including those with diverse needs.

This year, in collaboration with Berklee Institute for Accessible Arts, CCM is proud to offer instructionTones of Fun Developmental Music Class designed especially for children diagnosed with learning differences.

Tones of Fun Developmental Music Class meets an important and widespread need in our communities. Designed to help each child discover and explore their individual interests — Tones of Fun is a wonderful program that reinforces finding the very best version of their unique self!

Will you join the CCM community of donors today with a gift to ensure music can be tapped as a powerful teaching tool for children with developmental disabilities?

Your gift will also secure CCM as one of the only music education opportunities available within the MetroWest area to support children diagnosed with varied learning and behavioral disabilities.

Connection is why we're here, it is what gives purpose and meaning to all our lives. - Tones of Fun parent

Your support of Concord Conservatory of Music will have a very real and very positive effect on our community, the children, and the families who love them. The truth is, gifts of any amount add up to make a big difference. Thank you for considering making a gift this year – as we strive to continue a meaningful and enduring impact right here in our local neighborhoods for years to come!

Thank you for anything you can give!


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