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CCM Honors Recital

This year CCM presented its first Honors Recital, featuring many piano and strings students. Congratulations to the ten students who earned gold medals in our Honors Evaluations this year!

The Honors Evaluation and Recital is a multi-incentive opportunity for students to perform their repertoire in a more competitive setting than a recital and be assessed according to their ability by two judges.

CCM Honors Evaluations encourages students to up their game. It motivates students to polish their pieces to the highest level—not simply for performance but to be judged. In the process, students learn to accept a valuable critique of their playing. For the Honors Evaluations, students prepared one or two pieces to perform for judges, who then provided written feedback and awarded bronze, silver, or gold medals.

Bravo to all the students who participated!

MAP, the Music Achievement Program

Congratulations to our CCM students who went above and beyond this year with MAP!

Dedication and persistence paid off for Nandini Garg, Eleanor Garmey, Theodore Niehaus, Elliott Rodriguez, and Oliver Rodriguez, who earned gold by completing all the required five core activities and six electives. Taking the initiative to commit to completing MAP, these five students propelled their skill development, gained amazing confidence, and delighted all with their final recital performances.

The Music Achievement Program motivates students to take full advantage of every learning and performing opportunity available to them.

Why not take full advantage when the Music Achievement Program is included in their tuition?

MAP students attended a four-week theory class, performed at two recitals during the year, completed at least one 30-day practice challenge as well as listened to and analyzed three Listening Project Playlists, and then signed up for more! They participated in community performances, attended special workshops and musicales, and a host of other learning events.

CCM’s Music Achievement Program ensures that students receive a well-rounded music education. Together we are making learning music engaging and fun while developing musicianship skills.

CCM Student Chamber Trio Chamber Trio

CCM chamber trio with musicians Anna Sateudlin-Hagino on violin, Mei Reed on cello, Anneleen Van Herck on piano, experienced wonderful coaching sessions with CCM faculty member Stephen Marotto this past semester.

They recently performed three pieces from Miniatures composed by Frank Bridge. Besides receiving coaching sessions throughout the semester, they were committed to rehearsing by themselves.

CCM faculty member and student parent Yoko Hagino ecstatically said to CCM Executive Director & Founder, “I think it was a wonderful experience for these young artists. Thank you for making this opportunity possible!”

We’re so excited when students take advantage of these more unique learning and performing experiences.

Interested in Ensembles? Let us know.

June Listening Project Playlist

How should we celebrate June—African American Music Appreciation Month? With June’s Listening Project Playlist.

Learn about music and gain appreciation by listening to great pieces by legendary African American composers and musicians that Stephen Marotto compiled for us.

Remember to use your Listening Journal for additional thought-provoking questions to think about while listening to the selections. It’s a great way to start insightful conversations with your family, friends, or music instructor!

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