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CCM Jazz and Rock Ensemble

Thanks to you, our musicians and faculty get to showcase their talent and give the joy of music to others.

Support for our faculty allows them to give students performance opportunities beyond recitals. The confidence to play in front of others in our community allows young musicians to flourish. Not to mention the fabulous experience of playing on stage at a summer festival and receiving a huge, well-deserved applause—it creates a memorable musical moment for them.

CCM represented at June’s Boston International Asian Music Festival Student Jazz and Rock Ensemble

It’s one thing to practice your instrument at home or at CCM, but their musicianship develops exponentially when students perform in the community. Clarinet and saxophone faculty member Tsuyoshi Honjo assembled his CCM Jazz and Rock Ensemble to perform on June 24th at Nara Park in Acton for the Boston International Asian Music Festival. CCM students Kyle Wang on piano, Ishaan Deshmukh on clarinet, and Parker Sperry on drums performed for the live music concert.

Congratulations to the CCM Jazz and Rock Ensemble on a terrific performance!

You, too can experience their performance—advance to 1:18 into the video to experience it.

CCM Jazz Trio performs at Concord’s Juneteenth Celebration

CCM Jazz Trio

Thank you for helping attract and retain the most talented faculty!

Our faculty were honored to share their jazz music at Concord’s 2023 Juneteenth celebration. CCM faculty took center stage in front of the historic Robbins House and entertained all with excellent jazz music, with Phil Sargent on guitar and Justin Meyer on bass with their guest percussionist. The celebration of this National Day of Independence included a flag-raising ceremony, tours, dance, and music.

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Faculty Spotlight: Sora Lee—getting kids to embrace the power of music

Sora Lee teaching a movement class

CCM is excited to welcome early childhood educator and piano instructor Sora Lee to our faculty this fall. Sora brings her expertise in how to get kids connected to music while simultaneously building their skills and knowledge. For Sora, it is all about providing kids a comprehensive yet fun musical CCM faculty member Sora Lee education that inspires them to be creative.

Sora’s extensive music experience extends to her kids. She enjoys sharing her love of music with them. “I thoroughly enjoy creating music with my children, using music to express images and vice versa. It brings me joy to engage in Dalcroze lessons at home with my kids.”

Sora shared with us her insights on music and music education.

How do you explain the power of music?

Music is a powerful source to connect people and enrich our daily lives. Through music education, I genuinely want to hear every child’s voice and witness their wonderful world, aiming to share it with others. Music possesses the remarkable power to unite people.

When we sing to the same melody, move to the same rhythm, and hold hands in the realm of music, it bridges the gaps of intelligence, physical discomfort, or mental hardships, transcending the boundaries between adults and children. Music is an inclusive experience, embracing everyone within the expansive playground of harmonies.

How do you share your enthusiasm and love for music with your students?Kid's musical instruments

Each child is unique and possesses a beautiful rhythm and melody within themselves. I encourage children to connect with others through music. As a teacher, I aim to guide children in cultivating their musicality through meaningful relationships while encouraging them to pursue their dreams through the power of music.

What teaching philosophy do you follow?

I teach based on the Dalcroze pedagogy and highlight discovery-based learning and incorporate the three main branches of Dalcroze music education: Eurhythmics, Solfège, and Improvisation + Plastique Animèe.

Developing creativity, imagination, and emotions are the most essential elements for young artwork By experiencing the Dalcroze educational philosophy, children immerse themselves in their creative musical world, find artistic inspiration, and apply it to their lives.

I also extend Dalcroze education to the piano, inviting children to explore a deeper world of music through:

  • Imagining freely and engaging musical thinking
  • Applying creative ideas with enjoyment and a sense of play
  • Expressing one’s feelings with music
  • Clear and meaningful music-making which reflects musical knowledge
  • Synthesizing and demonstrating what has been learned through experience
  • Active, hands-on exploration of musical subjects such as tempo, meter, phrase, form, steady beat, and downbeat
  • Stimulating the students’ power of concentration and listening— promoting musical memory
  • Bringing about a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and developing confidence

I also strive to incorporate mathematics, science, and nature into my music classes and aim to make Music for kids the learning experience enjoyable and memorable for children!

We’re so grateful to have Sora join our faculty.

This fall, Sora will teach the new Musical Gateway + Piano class (age 5) as well as Group Keyboard (ages 5 through7), Musical Gateway (ages 4 & 5), and Music Makers (age 3)—all classes that develop a foundation of music knowledge and skills that will serve students well throughout their musical journey.


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