Early Childhood, Piano
Sora Lee

Early childhood and piano instructor Sora Lee believes music is a powerful source to connect people and enrich our daily lives. Sora states that within each child is a unique world and that each possesses their own beautiful rhythm and melody. Through music education, she genuinely wants to hear each child’s voice and encourages them to make musical connections with others.

Sora says, “Music possesses the remarkable power to unite people. When we sing to the same melody, move to the same rhythm, and hold hands in the realm of music, it bridges the gaps of intelligence, physical discomfort, or mental hardships, transcending the boundaries between adults and children. Music is an inclusive experience, embracing everyone within the expansive playground of harmonies.”

Sora aligns her teaching to the Dalcroze pedagogy and focuses on discovery-based learning, incorporating the three main branches of Dalcroze music education: Eurhythmics, Solfège, and Improvisation + Plastique Animèe. Her approach synthesizes and demonstrates through experience, use of imagination, improvisation, social interaction, and active listening, all with a spirit of play. Movement is used as the means for learning, the body as an instrument, and music as a motivator, stimulator, and regulator.

She believes that the nurturing of creativity, imagination, and emotions are the most essential elements for today’s generation of growing children. By experiencing the Dalcroze educational philosophy, children can immerse themselves in their own creative musical world, find artistic inspiration, and apply it to their lives.

She extends Dalcroze education to the piano, inviting children to explore a deeper world of music through creativity, free thinking and expression, and active and hands-on exploration of musical components (tempo, meter, phrase, downbeat, etc.).

Sora has taken a step further in her own adaptation of Dalcroze pedagogy and authored her thesis on the topic, entitled ‘The Dalcroze Approach to Improvisation in Piano Lessons’.

“As a teacher, it is my purpose to guide children in cultivating their own musicality through meaningful relationships, while also encouraging them to pursue their dreams through the power of music.” Sora aims to stimulate students’ power to concentrate, enhance their listening and musical memory skills, and to feel confident and accomplished.

Sora strives to incorporate mathematics, science, and nature into music. She enthusiastically says, “By doing so, I aim to make the learning experience enjoyable and memorable for children. I believe that when they conclude the class with a craft activity, they can visualize the invisible aspects of music and engage with the intangible nature of it.”

Sora earned her bachelor’s in music in Composition from Sookmyung Women’s University, where she also completed courses in Music Therapy. She received her Dalcroze Certificate from the Longy School of Music. From teaching eurhythmic classes to Dalcroze workshops and private lessons, she has a wealth of diverse teaching experience. Sora also conducted a children’s Rainbow Choir and tutored high school students in a mentorship program.

In her free time, Sora enjoys spending time with her family, sharing her love for nature and travel. Her kids also benefit from her passion and experience in music.

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"When introducing someone to what I do, I describe myself using the verb 'I make music'. Additionally, 'I make music' is a sentence I want the students in my class to embrace. ‘Make music’ encompasses more than just the act of creating music; it also encompasses the relationships and dreams that students will cultivate in the future. In my class, both my students and I have dreams, foster good relationships, and share love."