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Beginner Vocals Group Class

Our local newspaper featured CCM! A big thank you to The Concord Bridge for highlighting our expertise in music education.

From The Concord Bridge, By Laurie O’Neill — Correspondent

Music has been called “love looking for words” and described as the most profound and magical form of communication.

To Kate Yoder, the Concord Conservatory of Music’s founder and executive director, music is “the great connector.” People “who come to the school looking to gain musical skills are also seeking the opportunity to be with like-minded folks,” she said.

Yoder noted that the CCM supports local schools’ music programs and “wants our students to participate in them.”

The CMC, founded 18 years ago, offers private and group lessons and spring group classes for kids. That includes Family Notes, offered on Wednesdays beginning April 3 and on Thursdays beginning April 11.

Family Notes is a class for newborns through 4 years old and provides a comprehensive approach to stimulating a child’s physical, language, social, cognitive, and musical development through musical play with fun props and simple percussion instruments.

Executive Director and Founder Kate Yoder
Kate Yoder, founder and executive director of the Concord Conservatory of Music.

Yoder, who has a degree in business from Northeastern, is studying the mandolin and grew up playing the saxophone. “We always had music in our family,” she said. She founded the CCM when she had three children under 10 and realized there was nothing like a music school in the area.

Her goal, Yoder said, was to create a setting where “families could come together to all study music in the same place. Making music should be a shared experience.”

Read more of the article on The Concord Bridge.


News At CCM

Singing with Parkinson's Chorus

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

With more than one million Americans coping with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), it is crucial to link individuals to vital resources and programs. For individuals with Parkinson’s disease, who often face challenges with speech and the power of their voice, strengthening their voice is key. Singing offers hope.

We envisioned the emotional support and connection of singing in harmony with a group of CCM Faculty Member Jay Lane leading the Chorus individuals who empathize with your daily struggles. In spring 2019, CCM established the SINGING WITH PARKINSON’S CHORUS with the support of generous donors.

The CCM Singing with Parkinson’s Chorus recently entertained the residents at Newbury Court’s senior living community. Everyone appreciated their singing!

Everyone affected by Parkinson’s, including patients, caregivers, and families, should have the opportunity to benefit from music therapy. Your generosity makes a difference for those living with Parkinson’s Disease, allowing their voices to be heard.

Please consider supporting the Singing with Parkinson’s Chorus today. Give now.

Let’s all strive to enhance our knowledge about the disease and offer support to those affected by Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

Here are some helpful resources for reference.

Group singing helps people with Parkinson’s and their spouses
Program aiming for better speech gives couples a welcome shared experience
Parkinson’s News Today, by Marisa Wexler, MS | July 17, 2023

Two valuable sources for understanding PD, its symptoms, and how to manage them is the Parkinson’s Foundation and our local American Parkinson Disease Association.

Music & Movement Showcase: Winter Spring Adventure Music & Movement Showcase

Throughout the semester, our young musicians engaged in dynamic and fun classes where they moved, explored, and discovered music. They eagerly shared their musical journey with parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends, showcasing their learning and creativity.

On March 16th, Concord Conservatory held a Winter-Spring Adventure, which included music and presentations by students from our Music Makers, Musical Gateway, Family Notes, and Rhythmic-Solfège programs.

CCM young musicians shared their creative movements and performed on instruments like drums, shakers, claves, bells, and rhythm sticks.

It was a lively performance day that highlighted the charming personalities and musical creativity of our talented young students!

CCM Student Accomplishments to Share with You

Congratulations to CCM students for demonstrating and achieving musical excellence!

Susan Gottschalk’s violin student Grady Flinn was selected by audition for the MMEA Senior District Orchestra!

Anthea Kechley’s flute student Aiya Kerr was selected for her school’s Honors Band for the second year in a row with high praise on her audition from the director.

Susan Gottschalk’s viola student Veronica Moy is playing in the Concord Carlisle High School pit orchestra for their spring production of ‘The Prom’ from May 10 to the12th.

Emma Gies’ violin student Robby Ranjitkar has been composing violin duets in his free time. He performed his first composition ‘Violin Duet #1’ at a CCM recital, and he recently completed his second composition, ‘Bright Rain.’ He is currently working on a piece to accompany a skit from Romeo and Juliet.

Emma Gies’ violin student Joanna Stearns was accepted to perform in the Junior District Orchestra in the Eastern District. She was extremely motivated by the experience of playing with such high-level musicians her age. She hopes to make Senior district next year!

Yoko Hagino’s piano student Anneleen Van Herck participated in the 2024 Massachusetts Music Teachers Association Judged Festival on March 8th. She played a beautiful piece by E. Grieg, “Folk song” Op.12-5 and was awarded 2nd place.

The Ruta Beggars

The Ruta Beggars


Experience the unique fusion of traditional and innovative acoustic bluegrass music when we host The Ruta Beggars on Saturday, April 27th at 7:00 pm.

Celebrated for their vibrant energy and engaging shows, they skillfully blend bluegrass and early swing. With a repertoire filled with intricate vocal harmonies and fiery instrumentals, you can expect an electrifying live show that displays their passion for music and undeniable talent.

Get your concert tickets in advance!

The 2023-2024 Concert & Lecture Series is made possible in part by our Lead sponsor, Emerson Health, and Supporting Sponsor Middlesex Savings Bank.

This series is supported in part by a grant from the Concord Cultural Council and Acton-Boxborough Cultural Council, local agencies which the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency, supports.

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