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Music & Folklore

Join us for Music & Folklore, the opening event of the CCM 2023 -2024 Concert & Lecture Series, a collaboration between the Concord Museum and the Concord Conservatory of Music. This program explores the oral folk traditions of different cultures through music and stories.

Listen to musical tales that show how diverse societies share common themes and values and celebrate the diversity and richness of our cultural heritage.

The chamber music concert will feature CCM faculty artists soprano Rose Hegele, violinist Angel Valchinov, and pianist Yoko Hagino, with guest speaker Frank Korom, Professor of Religion and Anthropology at Boston University and Associate of Folklore and Mythology at Harvard College. Enjoy how this music captures the spirit and the magic of the narratives, connecting us with our shared roots.

The 2023-2024 Concert & Lecture Series is made possible in part by our Lead Sponsor, Emerson Health.

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Adult Chamber Music Play-In

The CCM Fall 2023 Adult Chamber Music Play-In—created connections and music!

CCM in collaboration with the Concord Chamber Music Society gave adult chamber musicians a fabulous opportunity to learn and play through repertoire on Saturday, October 14th. The program gave musicians new or familiar music to play and perfect with other local musicians. The musician’s level of experience and their instrument of choice, plus their preferences and interests determined their group.

Adult Chamber Music Play In 2023

Wendy Putnam, founder and director of the Society, CCM faculty members Susan Gottschalk and Anthea Kechley worked together to find the appropriate repertoire for each group, which they received in advance to be prepared for the Play-In.

Gathered at the end for a larger group play-in, guest conductor Jotaro Nakano from the Longwood Symphony Orchestra led the group to play through Beethoven Symphony No. 1. The Play-In proved to be a wonderful experience to socialize and connect through music.

“The first quartet I played in during that event was perfectly matched. We played an entire Mendelssohn Quartet without pausing.”

-SA, violist

“I had a wonderful time last year. I met a pianist and we’ve been playing together ever since. “

KM, violinist

“Saturday was an excellent session! I give you all, but especially Anthea, an A+ on organizing such a complicated morning session. Thanks very much!”

-DM, guitarist

Took the Scavenger Practice Tip Challenge

CCM wants to help you make the most of your practice sessions and have fun along the way. That’s why we have two exciting challenges for our students:  October Practice for Pizza Challenge, which motivates students to practice every day of the month, while the Scavenger Hunt for Practice Tips fosters ownership of their learning as they gather excellent tips and strategies forScavenger practice challenge student practicing.

Students track down all ten practice tips around CCM, complete a questionnaire, and then receive a special treat. Even adult students have provided positive feedback about learning something helpful from our Practice Tip posters around the building!

What do Fidelity, Raytheon, and State Street have in common?

They have matching gift programs.

Won’t you please consider giving the gift of music today?

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A CCM Parent Perspective: The Benefits of Full Commitment

The Clinard Family

CCM parent Meghan Clinard and her family joined the CCM music community in 2016. They are frequent attendees of our Practice Challenge Pizza Parties, and you’ll see their names on the check-off chart in the hallway for the Music Achievement Program. Each week, the Clinard kids wait their turn in the hallway to have their piano lessons.

Meghan, what inspired you to have your kids take lessons at CCM and be part of our community? 

We were new to town, had inherited a piano with the house we moved into, and saw the CCM sign hanging on the Emerson Field fence. We got a warm welcome at the open house and decided to sign up our first-grader. We feel lucky to have “stumbled” into the CCM community because we couldn’t be happier with the quality of instruction.

What made your kids decide to join the Music Achievement Program?

The first year that MAP was offered, we jumped on board after encouragement from our piano teacher. It seemed like a natural extension of what our daughter’s goals were anyway. She had the personal goal of a couple of recitals during the year and daily practice—but the practice challenges gave her a fun jump start when she needed a boost, the addition of structured chord progression has been invaluable. The theory classes became her favorite addition to her piano studies as the instructor made it engaging (he has a fantastic sense of humor!). Since that first year, we have signed both girls up for it each year, and now my son. It has made them into well-rounded musicians.

CCM note: Peter Evans always imparts a bit of humor into the Theory Class.

If you could provide one message of encouragement to future CCM students, what experience or activity would you tell them to look forward to?

Our girls have really gained a lot of confidence in performing in front of an audience. Penelope and Olive are timid and anxious, as most students are when it comes to live performances. However, the encouragement that they get at CCM to perform in small recitals, community outreach opportunities, duets, and group performances throughout the year allows them to work through those natural nerves. Ultimately, the most valuable opportunity offered at CCM is the ‘performance workshops’ which provides for a dress rehearsal in front of a tiny group with feedback and tips from a CCM instructor … and is a game-changer in preparing for recitals.

Anything else you’d like to share?

When signing up for piano lessons years ago, we were looking for instruction. We didn’t know how much our entire family was going to gain by being surrounded by CCM’s community of music lovers and their ethos of growing well-rounded musicians.

Having music in our home has been a joy, and watching the girls develop into such strong pianists has been such a gift.


In the Community

The Hermitage Piano Trio

The Concord Chamber Music Society presents Hermitage Piano Trio at Concord Academy on Sunday, November 19th at 3:00 pm. Artists include Misha Keylin on violin, Sergey Antonov on cello, and Ilya Kazantsev on piano.





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