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December 2018 Opus

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News at CCM

Save the Date for the American Roots Fundraiser!

Music Connects People by Their Heart

New! Give Monthly

Nick Walters's Path to Music

Concert Tickets Make Great Holiday Gifts!

News at CCM 

CCM faculty member with student

Important December Dates:

  • Student Recital, Thursday, December 13 at 7 pm
  • Student Recital, Saturday, December 15 at 1, 2:30 and 4 pm
  • CCM closed for the holiday, Saturday, December 22 through Wednesday, January 1

Just added! Tickets on sale now for a 2nd show for the Okee Dokee Brothers on March 9th at 11 am.

Spring Semester Registration—Register today for private and group instruction and secure your time slot. Payment is due by Wednesday, January 9th for students to secure their current lesson time. Please refer to the School Schedule for when private lessons and group classes start for the spring semester.

Interested in a new class? Craving more of a variety of music? There’s a class for everyone at CCM!

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Save the Date for the American Roots Fundraiser!

2019 Winter Party

Save Saturday, March 30th, 6 pm for the CCM American Roots Fundraiser to benefit music education in our community. The event will take place at the Performing Arts Center/51 Walden in Concord and will feature the band, Twisted Pine.

Do you love music and all that CCM has to offer? Support CCM by purchasing your tickets today.

RSVP today. The funds from the event allow us to continue to provide financial aid to students and families-in-need, attract the finest instructors to our school, and continue local outreach programs while meeting operating expenses.

Thank you for all your support. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

If you’d like us to send an invitation to a friend or family member who simply loves music, please let us know. 

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Music Connects People by Their Heart

Music Connects People By Their Heart

A message from Kate Yoder, CCM Executive Director & Founder

At a time when so much serves to divide us, music unites.

You’ve experienced it yourself—music brings people together. Individuals of different generations, diverse backgrounds, various cultures, ethnicities and faiths, all gather around music. We listen, learn, sing, play, and appreciate music together.

 “My family likes music. It has always been a part of our life. The added bonus of studying music at CCM is meeting new friends who like music like I do.”

–Mei, 11-yr-old student

“Music connects people by their heart. No boundaries of any language.”

 –Ji, CCM parent

“When I come and play the piano at CCM, I can leave everything else outside.”

–Martha, adult student

It’s a privilege for me to see this eclectic energy come together for good every day. Music education at the Concord Conservatory of Music becomes a melting pot of community members sharing what they have in common—a passion for music. This common interest creates opportunities to build connections.

Fall is upon us, and with it comes a fresh season of instruction and performances our students, faculty, and staff look forward to sharing with you. Fall also presents a new window of opportunity in which to help individuals and families who are pursuing a music education.

This is why I’m writing. Generous neighbors like you can give students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities the opportunity to experience the power and beauty of music. You’re bringing people together over music. Will you contribute today?

When you give to CCM, you allow us to—

• Offer a full music curriculum, including master classes, performance workshops, private instruction, and ensembles, all of which connect us

• Provide valuable learning opportunities for students like Mei, Martha, and others, which carry far beyond the musical training, positively impacting the rest of their lives and benefitting our community

• Grow. We presently serve 400 students. The financial assistance you help provide will allow even more to participate

“CCM provides the opportunity for kids to interact with other kids on a different level. When they start at a young age, music just becomes the norm. It allows kids to walk on a musical path, getting to watch the older kids ahead of them.”

–Julia, CCM parent

Please give as generously as you can. Your gift will help to provide quality music education, performance opportunities and free concerts to thousands of students and patrons in Concord and 15 surrounding communities. I can assure you, with each gift you’re making a life-changing impact.

Thank you for recognizing the importance music education plays in our community, and for giving so generously.

Very truly yours, 

Kate Yoder
Kate Yoder, Executive Director and Founder

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New! Give Monthly

Give Monthly

Music Promoters are those dependable, steady, and special friends who provide continuous support to CCM throughout the year. 

Your monthly gift helps to provide high-quality music education, performance opportunities, and free concerts to thousands of students and patrons in Concord and surrounding communities. 

Invest in future musicians and help build a community that provides music education to all. By choosing to give monthly, you would provide valuable help in sustaining CCM while reducing administrative expenses.

It’s easy to do. Choose your CCM Music Promoter Level by selecting your monthly giving amount.

$150 gift per month: Commits FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE so we never need to turn away a student.

You'll be a CCM Benefactor.

$100 gift per month: Connects the CCM community to high-quality CONCERTS.

You'll be a Concert Promoter.

$25 gift per month: Allows a budding young singer into a VOCALS CLASS.

You'll be a Singer's Agent.

$10 per month: Delivers activities beyond private lessons like the CCM MUSIC ACHIEVEMENT PROGRAM.

You'll be an Activities Manager.

$5 per month: Keeps students engaged in MUSIC.

You'll be an Education Leader. 

Join us today as a Music Promoter. Thank you.

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Nick Walter's Path to Music

Nick Walters

Periodically, we will be featuring alumni of the Concord Conservatory of Music who are pursuing music as a career or as a field of study at college.

When he was in the sixth grade, Nick Walters entered the Concord Conservatory of Music for the first time. He enrolled first in piano lessons with CCM faculty Lorna Henderson and then added in violin lessons with Raluca Dumitrache. In later years Nick would also go on to study composition under Keith Kirchoff.

Drawn to music at an early age, Nick had always been the “music kid”, both in school and out. From his very first time at CCM Nick was inspired by the “friendly and welcoming atmosphere” and motivated by how “serious and passionate everyone was about music”.  He had already taken some lessons before coming to CCM but found that CCM was where he not only learned the technical skills but discovered his musical taste and how much he enjoyed expressing himself through music.

Nick discovered his now long-time passion—sacred choral music—at a carol service at the Trinity Church in Boston with his family. With one service Nick discovered a newfound passion and “started to learn about and love the music of Anglican choral composers like Ralph Vaughan Williams, Benjamin Britten, and Herbert Howells”. In his senior year of high school, Nick started to really explore classical composition which has guided him to where he is now.

These days, Nick has managed to further cultivate his passion at both Hamilton College in New York where he is a junior studying for an undergraduate degree in music, and at St. Anne’s at Oxford University in Oxford, England where he is currently studying abroad for the year.

At Oxford, Nick studies sacred choral music and is part of the Keble Choir. Unlike the large Hamilton choir which Nick joined in his first year at college, the Keble choir is smaller but sings at three services a week with entirely different music each time. Nick says; “I've been keeping a Spotify playlist of what we've sung so far this term, and it's already at eighty-three pieces, not including hymns or psalms”!

Throughout his college career, Nick has found his time at CCM prepared him well to hit a new music scene. "I gained a lot of performance experience in the recitals there that was very valuable,” says Nick, “I learned a lot from my teachers about technique, expression, and practicing. I also learned how wonderful it is to be part of a musical community that likes to share their music with one another”.

Even having “graduated” CCM and gone on to study elsewhere, when he’s in town Nick always pops in for lessons with Lorna Henderson, or composition classes with Keith Kirchoff. Nick intends to continue in the field of choral music, and in the future wants to work in an academic setting where he wants to teach, compose, and sing.

Concert Tickets Make Great Holiday Gifts!

Mile Twelve

Mark your calendars or better yet, purchase your tickets today for the remaining three concerts of the 2018 -2019 Series!

Thank you for supporting CCM.

February 8, 7:30 pm, Mile 12 – Bluegrass 

Mile Twelve is a fresh, hard-driving young band beautifully walking the line between original and traditional bluegrass. Fast gaining recognition for their outstanding performances in bluegrass and folk circles, Evan Murphy, Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, Nate Sabat, BB Bowness and David Benedict write captivating songs and daring instrumental pieces from diverse influences. Banjo luminary Tony Trischka says, “Mile Twelve is carrying the bluegrass tradition forward with creativity and integrity.” To purchase tickets>>

March 9th at 2:00 pm – Grammy-Award winning Okee Dokee Brothers, a Family Concert

The GRAMMY Award-winning Okee Dokee Brothers perform and record family music in the American Roots tradition with the goal to inspire children and their parents to get outside and get creative. The four-time Parents' Choice Award winners have garnered praise from the likes of NPR's All Things Considered and USA Today, and have been called "two of family music's best songwriters." To puchase tickets>>

April 5, 7:30 pm, CCM Jazz – Originals

We bring the CCM Jazz faculty to kick off National Jazz Appreciation Month. Tsuyoshi Honjo on saxophone, Justin Meyer on bass, Brian Friedland on piano, Phil Sargent on guitar, Gabriela Martina on vocals, and Mike Connors on percussion will perform their original compositions. To purchase tickets>>

Please consider purchasing your tickets in advance>>

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