Opus / August 2017

Opus August 2017 

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News at CCM
Faculty Spotlight - Rich Stillman
Why Music Matters - Is Music on Your Bucket List?
Did You Know? You know, it's all about the Group!

News at CCM

Trying out an instrument at the CCM Open House

Three CCM events to welcome the community!

Invite your family and friends to CCM Open Houses, where you can introduce children to instruments or you can speak with a faculty member about your musical interests.

Please mark these CCM Open House dates:

Wednesday, August 23rd from 4 – 7 pm at St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church, 435 Central Street in Acton

Saturday, September 9th from 1 – 3 pm at CCM, 1317 Main Street, Concord

Thursday, September 14th from 7 – 9 pm at CCM for the American Roots Open House, Information and Jam Sessions

One of the most popular features of the Open House is the instrument petting zoo. Whether you are 4 or 94, the petting zoo enables you to explore a variety of instruments in a hands-on way. CCM faculty will demonstrate how to hold, play, and experience these various instruments.

Attend any of the Open Houses and enter the raffle to win a free semester of group classes at CCM for the 2017 fall semester!

Register for a group class (children’s or adult) at the Open House and receive a 10% discount.

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Faculty Spotlight - Rich Stillman

Meet our new faculty member!

Rich Stillman

We are extremely excited to welcome banjo instructor, Rich Stillman.

Rich Stillman has been a banjo player in the Boston area for many years. Among other acts, he founded and led the progressive bluegrass band WayStation and played and recorded with Adam Dewey and Crazy Creek, The Bogus Family and currently, Southern Rail. His banjo playing has appeared on many studio releases by other bluegrass, folk, and acoustic artists. Read more>>

Thanks to Rich joining our faculty, CCM is excited to add banjo to our American Roots offeringsBanjo classes are for ages 9 through adults. Bluegrass is a very social music and we’ll prepare you or your child to join in the fun CCM jam sessions. 

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Why Music Matters:

Music creates happiness, excitement, and peaceful feelings, reduces stress, keeps us sharp and thinking, and so much more!

Banjo player

Why you should add music to this year’s bucket list?

Calling all adults! It’s never too late to learn an instrument—and we’ve seen that firsthand. CCM has students in the 80’s and even 90’s!

There are many reasons music is so commonly found on adult bucket lists—the camaraderie of shared experience, finding a new creative outlet, and a profound sense of accomplishment are common ones. Also, studying music as an adult is a joyous departure from the workday or too quiet of a day at home.

CCM offers many opportunities for adults who want music to be a bigger part of their lives. Private lessons, group classes, concerts, and lectures—offered mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends—demonstrate that the conservatory is responsive to the growing needs of our community. Adults are not necessarily on the same schedule as school-aged children, which enables our faculty to teach on their shoulder hours and to use our space more optimally.

Whether adults take a group class, return to an instrument they played when younger or begin a new instrument, they bring unique skills and discipline to the effort. “Musical aspects like phrasing and emotion are easier to teach to adults because those concepts are abstract,” says CCM Piano Faculty member Paul Jacobs. “The thing I like about teaching adults is that they get the subtleties.” They also get improved cognitive skills, stress relief, and the satisfaction of achieving a “bucket list” item.

Check out our adult offerings today>>

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Did you know?

Fiddling Students

Why it’s great to learn in a group class? Some excellent reasons, just to name a few:

  • Socialize and meet new friends
  • Learn from your peers and how to play in a group
  • Get inspired by your fellow musicians—a little friendly competition also goes a long way
  • Enjoy a fun and more creative learning experience
  • Learn to be a better performer by practicing in front and with a group
  • Have the support and encouragement of the group
  • Have exposure to other talented musicians in your own community

CCM’s group classes for you and your children:

  • Kids 7 and under can take group classes including Beginning Vocals, hand drumming, and group keyboard or private lessons!
  • Kids 8-12, consider the Concord Youth Chorus Project, Beginner Fiddling or Banjo , guitar , flute, the String Ensemble, and private lessons.
  • Teens can take Beginner Group Piano Singing Basics, the ukulele, hand drumming, or join our jazz combo-- or learn composition.   
  • Adults—Meet new friends in small, fun group classes in ukulele, piano, hand drumming, and voice.  Join the jazz combo or a string ensemble. We can even form a rock band, or you can bring your band for coaching. Check out the class that’s right for you!

Singing Basics for Adults

Group Piano Classes

Ukulele Crash Course

Ukulele Club

Hand Drumming and World Rhythms

Beginning Banjo

Beginning Fiddling

Beginning Bluegrass

Register today online or call us at 978-369-0010, or email us at info@ConcordConservatory.org. We’ll work with your busy schedule and get you going! 

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