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 September Opus

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News at CCM
Faculty Spotlight - Rich Stillman on banjo and Ian Goldstein on mandolin
Why Music Matters - The secret math behind feel-good music (The Washington Post)
Did You Know? - Math and Music, Learning Partners
Upcoming Area Performances

News at CCM

Pardon our Appearance

The West Concord Union Church has undertaken a renovation project that will be beautiful when finished but it’s unfortunately not going to be completed on September 1st as had been promised. 

The project includes a new more accessible front entrance to the building; renovation to the Sanctuary with new seating and removal of the stage from the front; a new kitchen in North Hall; and many other mechanical items that will not be visibly apparent, but will make the building more efficient. 

Until the construction is completed on the front, October 6th is the projected date; everyone will continue to access the building by walking through the garden on the left of the building and using the door at the back-left corner.  We have signage indicating the best route to each room. 

A message from the Reverend Hannah Brown:  West Concord Union Church apologizes for the inconvenience of the continuing construction this fall. We will do our very best to make our renovated spaces available quickly and to make safety markings around the building clear. While we always ask that children be supervised by a parent, guardian, or teacher at all times, this supervision is even more important until construction is complete. Thank you for helping to make sure that everyone is safe.

Many thanks for understanding.

Suzuki Instruction

And—we’re off! CCM has been quite busy planning great musical events and programs for our community. We are excited to introduce our new American Roots program and its exceptionally talented faculty as well as our student Music Achievement Program for enrichment. School recitals, practice challenges, and faculty concerts are also coming soon!

Here’s a quick summary of September dates to remember, and then read below or click the link for more details.

Tuesday, September 5th—CCM private lessons began

Saturday, September 9th—CCM Open House, 1 – 3 pm

Thursday, September 14th—American Roots Open House, 7 – 9 pm at CCM

Monday, September 18th—1st week of group classes and chorus begins

Wednesday, September 27th—Music Achievement Program Kick-Off Party at 5:30 pm

Invite your family and friends to our CCM Open House, where you can introduce children to instruments or you can speak with a faculty member about your musical interests. Saturday, September 9th from 1 – 3 pm at CCM (1317 Main Street, located at the West Concord Union Church)

Discover American Roots Music!

American Roots

Join us on Thursday, September 14th from 7 – 9 pm at CCM for the American Roots Open House, Concert, Information and Jam Session

Attend any of the Open Houses and enter the raffle to win a free semester of group classes at CCM for the 2017 fall semester!

Register for a group class (children’s or adult) at the Open House and receive a 10% discount.

Music Achievement Program

New at CCM! The CCM Music Achievement Program, our private lesson enrichment program will give our students access to a broader musical education. We want to create well-rounded musicians at CCM by providing music education beyond private lessons. The enrichment activities will further develop the students performing and music theory skills while connecting them with other students at the school.

Tune of the Week continues. Be sure to listen to the Tune of the Week that’s posted every Sunday on Facebook (Remember to “Like” the CCM Facebook page!). Please share with your children and enjoy listening to the great musical pieces. Whether it’s American Roots music, classical or rock and roll, your child will expand his or her horizons. Stay tuned in…

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Faculty Spotlight - 

Meet our new faculty members, Rich Stillman and Ian Goldstein!

Both Rich (banjo instructor) and Ian (guitar and mandolin) are available to teach private lessons and they teach the following group classes as well:

Banjo taught by Rich StillmanRich Stillman



Beginning Banjo for ages 9 – 12

Beginning Banjo for ages 13-18

Beginning Banjo for adults

Guitar & Mandolin Group Class taught by Ian Goldstein

Ian Goldstein

Group Adventures in American Roots Guitar and Mandolin for teens through adult

Rich Stillman has been a banjo player-about-town in the Boston area for many years and has taught banjo professionally for more than 40 years! Besides winning numerous banjo competitions, he has appeared on many studio releases by other bluegrass folk and acoustic artists.

Start tapping your foot and listen to Rich at work with the group Southern Rail>>

Read more on Rich Stillman and the new CCM banjo classes>>

Ian Goldstein

Ian Goldstein is an ethnomusicologist, teacher, and musician based in Cambridge, MA. He holds a Ph.D. in Music from the University of California, Berkeley and an MA in Music from Tufts University. A multi-instrumentalist performer on mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar, lap slide, and oud, as well as a vocalist, Ian is equally at home playing in American-Roots-rock and indie folk bands, backing New England singer-songwriters, or working as a collaborator in more diverse global-music settings.

Moreover, if you are wondering what an ethnomusicologist is...

According to The Society of Ethnomusicology, Ethnomusicology is the study of music in its cultural context. Ethnomusicologists approach music as a social process to understand not only what music is but why it is: what music means to its practitioners and audiences, and how those meanings are conveyed. Ethnomusicology is highly interdisciplinary.

Read more on Ian Goldstein>>

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Why Music Matters:

Music makes us feel happy!

Music stirs up our emotions and can make us feel happy, sad, or energetic. Read how a Dutch neuroscientist used a mathematical formula to figure out which songs affect our emotions and why: The secret math behind feel-good music by Meeri Kim, The Washington Post.

Can you guess the top 10 feel-good songs according to the neuroscientist’s formula?

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Did you know? Math and Music Learning Partners

Jazz legend keyboardist and composer, Herbie Hancock, has a mission about math and music. For him, the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and Chairman of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, inspiring students to learn about math and science through music has been a passion.

He and others are teaching how to integrate math and music in the classroom. To read more: Educators want to pair math and music in integrated teaching method”, by Moriah Balingit, The Washington Post

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Upcoming Area Performances

Railroad House Band at the Amazing Things Arts Center in Framingham, September 9, 8 – 10 pm. The band plays a range of music from bluegrass, jazz, country, rock and blues. Using 6 instruments those typically used in a Bluegrass configuration—most of the tunes feature 2, 3, or 4-part vocal harmonies.

Tickets: Regular $20, Senior 65+/Student $19, Member $17, Child under 12 $10

For tickets and information>>

Acclaimed jazz trumpet player, Terell Stafford is performing at Sculler’s Jazz Club on Saturday, September 23 at 8:00 pm. Tickets: $35 for all ages. For tickets and to listen to his music, visit:

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