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Creativity Festival: A celebration of creative exploration and expression

Why is CCM presenting a creativity day?

Creativity should be at the heart of music learning activity, and not in isolation.  Creativity is not reserved only for composing.  Opportunities for creative expression exist in performing, approaches to listening, improvising, and crucially in teaching.  Creative music-making supports students’ motivation and participation. It can develop the confidence to take risks, to experiment, and problem-solve in a supportive musical environment.

On Saturday, January 28th, CCM is presenting a day of workshops for our students to explore creativity through music.  The workshops will be age-appropriate, for both our youth and adult students and will include offerings in musical storytelling, improvisation, arranging, music and movement, and more.  The day will culminate in a large group activity.

Please save the date and keep an eye out for the Festival Sign-up announcement and more information.

The workshops are free for CCM students.