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Creativity Festival

A celebration of creative exploration and expression

Why is CCM presenting a creativity day?

Creativity should be at the heart of music learning activity, and not in isolation.  Creativity is not reserved only for composing.  Opportunities for creative expression exist in performing, approaches to listening, improvising, and, crucially in teaching.  Creative music-making supports students’ motivation and participation. It can develop the confidence to take risks, to experiment, and problem-solve in a supportive musical environment.

On Saturday, January 27th (two sessions starting at 12:00 and 1:15 pm), CCM is presenting an afternoon of workshops for our students to explore creativity through music.  The workshops will be age-appropriate for both our youth and adult students and will include offerings in musical storytelling, improvisation, deep listening, movement, and more. The workshops are free for CCM students.

First browse the workshop descriptions, and then sign up you and your kids!


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  • Creativity Festival Workshops

    Rhythmic Expedition: Discovering Musical Styles with ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’

    Get ready to embark on a musical adventure like never before! Join us for an exhilarating workshop where we dive into the enchanting world of sounds, rhythms, movement, and instruments inspired by the captivating story of “Giraffes Can’t Dance.” In this dynamic session, children will move to the beats of different musical genres featured in the tale, unlocking the magic of diverse rhythms. It’s not just a workshop; it’s a celebration of the incredible journey music takes us on! The workshop will conclude with a performance for parents highlighting the musical styles presented in the book.

    1:15 pm, Ages  4 – 6, North Hall
    Holly Jennings

    Symbolic Sounds: Decoding the Fermata and Musical Symbols Exploration

    Uncover the meaning of the musical symbol, the ‘fermata,’ in our story-driven adventure! Kids explore musical symbols through activities, and sing ‘The Hibernating Animals.’ This session combines music, fun, and creativity, providing enjoyable experiences for body, mind, and soul. In the future, when children see sheet music, they will learn and become aware of various musical symbols. The workshop ends with hands-on crafts for extra creative fun!

    12:00 pm, Ages 4 – 6, North Hall
    Sora Lee

    Better Together: Creating Songs with Friends

    Calling all composers (ages 6-8)! Join us for a fun-filled workshop where we’ll create a song together—from lyrics to melody. The grand finale? Sharing our musical masterpiece with your families. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this creative adventure! Experience the joy of collaboration and a song that reflects your collective creativity.

    12:00 pm, Ages 6 – 9, Nursery
    Holly Jennings

    Fiddling Fun

    Explore the nuances of fiddling in our workshop, Fiddling Fun. Participants will focus on developing ear training skills by learning two fiddle tunes by ear, with sheet music provided at the end of the session. This workshop aims to enhance participants’ musical abilities, specifically in ear training, fostering increased confidence in collaborative playing. Gain practical experience and tangible skills in a structured environment, preparing participants for continued musical growth beyond the workshop.  A minimum of two years’ experience on your instrument is suggested.

    12:00 pm, Violinists, Ages 6 – 9, South Hall East
    Emma Gies

    Musical Conversations: Learning the Art of Improvisation for the Young Pianist

    Step into the musical realm of ‘Musical Conversations,’ tailored for kids aged 7- 9 and 10-13. Join us in this exciting workshop where you’ll explore piano improvisation and enhance your expressive playing skills. Discover the joy of creating your musical dialogue and add a splash of enthusiasm to your piano journey. It’s an engaging experience that makes learning music a delightful adventure!

    12:00 pm, Pianists, Ages 7 – 9, Ages 10 – 13, Room 6
    Melissa Tucker

    Creative Soundscapes: Designing and Interpreting Musical Language

    Delve into the world of graphic notation, where we’ll explore creative ways to conceptualize sounds using colors and symbols, fostering children’s artistic agency. Iconic pieces like Cathy Berberian’s “Stripsody,” Anthony Green’s playful “P is for…,” and Richard Carrick’s captivating graphic score series will be used as examples. Instructor Rose Hegele will present intriguing graphic scores, offering exciting possibilities for interpretation. In the second part of the class, it’s your time to shine – create and perform your own graphic scores, unleashing your creativity and musical prowess. Join us for an exhilarating exploration of music beyond the ordinary!

    1:15 pm, Ages 10 – 13, Nursery
    Rose Hegele

    Sonic Explorers: Deep Listening for Young Minds

    Embark on a transformative journey with “Introduction to Deep Listening.” Through a dynamic blend of movement and group improvisation exercises, participants will explore the profound impact of intentional listening on their musical and sensory experiences. Inspired by Pauline Oliveros’s deep listening prompts, students will engage with these exercises, fostering a personalized and expressive connection to the practice.

    Led by our seasoned instructor, this workshop invites students to cultivate a heightened awareness of sound, space, and their own presence within a sonic landscape. By embracing the principles of deep listening, participants will not only enhance their musical capabilities but also develop a deeper connection to their surroundings.

    1:15 pm, All instruments and voice, Ages 10 – 13, Sanctuary
    Emma Gies

    Harmony Unleashed: Free Improvisations

    Join our workshop for more advanced teens and adult musicians as we explore free improvisations, also known as contemporary improvisation. Drawing on your musical background in classical, rock, jazz, or beyond, discover how to play with the tonalities, rhythms, articulations, and timbres that are already familiar to you. No prior improv experience is needed; we’ll guide you in applying these techniques to your unique musical knowledge. Come and immerse yourself in a liberating experience where your creativity takes center stage.

    1:15 pm, Ages 14 – Adult, Advanced, but no improv experience necessary, South Hall East
    Tsuyoshi Honjo

    Intro to playing Jazz

    Join our workshop to delve into the art of finding chords, the thrill of improvisation, and the joy of playing solo from a lead sheet. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be amazed at your newfound skills as you confidently play a simple song. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your playing to new heights!  Players of all instruments are welcome.  You must be able to read the treble clef and have a minimum of three year’s experience on your instrument.

    12:00 pm for teens and 1:15 pm for Adults, Ages 14 – Adult, Room 4
    Masako Yotsugi

    Learning by Ear Workshop

    Embark on a musical journey with our “Learning By Ear” workshop, focusing on two distinct aspects: “Learning Melodies” and “Learning Chords.” In the “Learning Melodies” workshop, master the art of capturing and playing tunes by ear, enhancing your ability to reproduce intricate melodies. For those keen on understanding harmonies, the “Learning Chords” workshop provides a comprehensive guide to decoding and playing chords by ear, exploring fundamental building blocks like chord progressions and inversions.

    For a holistic experience, our combined workshop seamlessly integrates melody and chord exploration, empowering you to recreate entire musical compositions with confidence. Join us and let the “Learning By Ear” workshop elevate your musical prowess, refining your ear, boosting improvisational skills, and transforming your musical journey.

    12:00 pm, Ages 14 – Adult, Sanctuary
    Maxfield Anderson

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