Melissa Tucker

For over twenty years, Melissa Tucker has been bringing her love of music, and her skills as a Dalcroze teacher, to students of all ages. “Music is a language of feelings. I guide my students to bring out the expressive qualities inherent in music; making the music come alive and providing a vehicle for the student’s own emotions and ideas to be expressed through sound.”

Melissa believes that “everyone has innate musicality which blossoms when encouraged and nurtured. I also believe in the integral relationship of music and movement, and the power of improvisation, as a means to embodied musicianship and creative expression. As a teacher, in group or private lessons, I emphasize the importance of rhythmic skills, musical phrasing, fluency in note-reading, improvisation, and active listening through group activities and ensemble playing. Music is an art of communication and self-expression which is joyful, yet requires discipline and a love of learning. I make a personal connection with all of my students and inspire them to develop their technique as a means to expression. Through developing a love and passion for music, students are eager to share their musical gifts with others and become the best performers and musicians they can be.”

Melissa has taught music from the Preparatory Division at New England Conservatory, to the Boston Symphony Outreach Program, to her current position at Longy School of Music of Bard College.

Melissa earned her Dalcroze Certificate and License from Longy School of Music. She is an Oberlin graduate and a pianist who studied with Lydia Frumkin at Oberlin Conservatory and Natasha Chances at Bates College.

In her free time, Melissa enjoys writing memoirs, hiking, and modern dance with the Ipswich Moving Company.

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“My love for music began as a very young child listening to recordings and "playing" the dining room table as if it were a piano.”