Maxfield W.


Maxfield W. Anderson is a multi-instrumentalist, writer, and teacher based in Boston, MA. He shares his enthusiasm and love for music by teaching his students music that he genuinely loves to play. “Decoding music that you love is an exciting and empowering process. By picking apart music that has inspired me I can show a student that they’re able to do the same themselves. From there the options are limitless”, he eagerly explains. “I believe that playing with others—jamming—is a crucial part of developing as a musician, so giving my students the tools they need to be confident and enjoy themselves in a jam is a priority.”

As an educator, Max believes that a musical voice exists inside each of us, and our goal together is to learn how we can translate that voice onto our instrument. This includes instrument technique, ear training, repertoire building, tune writing, and learning to play with others.

As a strong proponent in learning by ear, especially when learning traditional music that has been developed and passed down aurally, Max aims to build a strong musical foundation for his students. He gives them the tools to explore music in a creative way and to learn skills while simultaneously developing their own voice. He explains that learning by ear gives us a deeper connection to the music that we’re playing, and allows us to pick up certain nuances that can’t be communicated with ink and paper. Max ensures his students learn the basic music skills, provides creative ways to practice these skills, and then applies them to a song increasing their repertoire along the way.

He received his Bachelor of Music in Mandolin Performance from Berklee College of Music where he was awarded the Fletcher Bright Endowed Scholarship and studied mandolin with Joe K. Walsh.

Max can be heard locally singing and playing mandolin with Boston-based roots quartet Pretty Saro, winners of the 2018 Telefunken Band Competition.

When not strumming the mandolin, Max can be found toiling in his garden.

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“My goal as an educator is to help my student discover their passion for music and musical connections with others."