American Roots

Old-Time at CCM! What is “Old-Time” music?

You will hear a variety of definitions, but at its heart old-time is the pre-bluegrass folk music of the Appalachian Mountains. The core instruments in an old-time string band are fiddle, banjo, and guitar. (Sometimes you’ll see other instruments too, such as mandolin, harmonica, or upright bass.) The music itself blends traditions brought to America by early European settlers and enslaved Africans. It has been passed down through the generations and enriched with elements of other styles, like the blues, sentimental 19th-century heart songs, and jaunty Tin Pan Alley numbers. Many of the best-known old-time tunes are instrumental favorites often played for dancing. Even if you’ve never been to a square dance, you’ve probably heard “Soldier’s Joy” or “Arkansas Traveler.”

Old-Time Class

This class is for the advanced beginner/intermediate who has little or no experience playing with other musicians or wants to add to their skillset.

This weekly class meets on Mondays, 7:00 -8:30 pm. Learn more> 

Beginner Banjo 

If the sound of a banjo has ever captured your ear, or if you're a guitar player looking to expand your musical palette, here's a chance to learn to play! This class will introduce you to three-finger bluegrass style and give you the foundation you need to jam with other people. Learn more>

Banjo 2

Improve your banjo skills and take your playing to the next level. Level 2 builds on level 1 experience or on your previous experience learning 3-finger banjo. Learn some new songs and rhythm and backup technique in preparation for joining the jamming class and playing with other people! Learn more>

Bluegrass Soloing (ages 14- Adults) 
Is learning to play solos frustrating? If you are new to bluegrass soloing or want to master it, this is your class.  Fear no more!  Learn more>

Bluegrass - Learning to Jam (Ages 14 - Adult)  Fall Semester

The Bluegrass Learning to Jam class is open to all bluegrass instruments: banjo, fiddle (violin), guitar, mandolin, bass and Dobro, and is geared towards beginner and intermediate musicians who are interested in learning how to play with other musicians. Learn more ›

Beginning/Intermediate Fiddling for Adults 

Equipped with mastering fiddling basics, you'll be playing some fun tunes in no time. We’ll review the A and D major scales, and start with simple melodies. From there, we’ll learn several standard fiddle tunes that teach you how to play by ear and how to bow with confidence, including shuffle and saw stroke bowing patterns.

Learn more>

Adventures in Group Guitar (Teens - Adults)

Many of us are craving opportunities to make music socially in a welcoming, accessible, community setting. Our guitar group classes are guided by the belief that developing musicians of mixed abilities and musical backgrounds can all benefit from a song-based approach to learning.