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Save the dates!

2022 Bluegrass Band Scrambles: January 22nd and April 30th!

Is there a budding stage musician inside you? Have you ever dreamed of standing on stage with people you didn’t know two hours before, playing bluegrass in front of tens of enthusiastic fans? (Dreams have to start somewhere.)

The Bluegrass Band Scramble may be for you!

If you’ve ever played in a jam session, or if you can play three chords in rhythm, come out and try your hand. Musicians enter the Scramble individually, and bands are created by picking names out of hats for each instrument, so bands have the tools they need. You and your new bandmates then have a two-hour practice session, with coaching from CCM instructors, to prepare songs and stage patter for a three-song turn in front of a sound system and a live audience.

The Scramble is purely for experience and enjoyment. There’s no competition, and there are no prizes, just the chance to meet up and perform with other musicians from the area and try your skills in front of an audience. Come out and have fun!

WHAT:   CCM Bluegrass Band Scramble

WHERE:  Concord Conservatory of Music, 1317 Main St., Concord, MA

WHEN:  January 22 and April 30, 2022, 12:00 pm Band Scramble participants

4:00 pm Live Concert – Free and open to the public

WHO:   You, if you can play three chords in rhythm or are advanced and all in between

COST:  Yeah, we have to cover our costs, $20 payable at the door for Band Scramble participants.


Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.

– Maya Angelou