Maxfield Anderson

Max AndersonMandolin

Maxfield Anderson is a multi-instrumentalist, writer, and teacher based in Boston, MA. He received his Bachelor of Music in Mandolin Performance from Berklee College of Music where he was awarded the Fletcher Bright Endowed Scholarship and studied mandolin with Joe K. Walsh. 

As an educator, Max believes that a musical voice exists inside each of us, and our goal together is to learn how we can translate that voice onto our instrument. This includes instrument technique, ear training, repertoire building, tune writing, and learning to play with others. Max’s goal is to give his student’s the resources to be great instrumentalists, as well as the tools needed to help create and sustain our own music communities.

For Max, roots music is so much more than the notes on a page. His passion for traditional music reaches beyond the songs and tunes that make up this music’s diverse repertoire—it is anchored in the surrounding communities and traditions. Studying traditional music helps us all understand more about where we come from, and how music can bring us together in our own communities.

Max can be heard locally singing and playing mandolin with Boston-based roots quartet Pretty Saro, winners of the 2018 Telefunken Band Competition, as well as playing guitar and banjo in his duo project with Tader Shipley. His most recent releases include Pretty Saro’s album Racing Back to You and the Contemporary Mandolin Quartet’s self-titled EP.