Music Achievement Program

  Music Achievement Program

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Important MAP Dates:

Why should my student join the CCM Music Achievement Program?

We want to create well-rounded and confident musicians at CCM by providing music education beyond what can be covered in the private lessons. Each student will be placed by their instructor and program coordinator in their appropriate achievement level. MAP participants will be recognized at the MAP Concert in May, and will receive a commemorative medal and certificate celebrating their achievements.

  • MAP engages, challenges, and is transformative.
  • MAP helps musicians develop, strengthen and improve their musical and performance skills.
  • MAP helps build relationships with peers and accomplished faculty members.
  • MAP helps keep students engaged and creates beneficial practice habits.
  • MAP emphasizes the importance of music education and assists with creating life-long musicians.

What is MAP?

CCM’s Music Achievement Program (MAP) is a free private lesson enrichment program created to give our students access to a broader musical education. When students participate in these activities they will increase their musical fluency and engage with other students, recital audiences, and diverse musical genres. 

MAP presents students with an “Achievement Activity” to-do list, which helps students broaden their musical skills and appreciation.

What are the MAP Activities?

Beyond the customary CCM student activities, students attend at least one faculty concert, musicale, and theory workshop, perform scales/arpeggios competently, complete a school-wide 30-day practice challenge for pizza and/or ice cream, participate in performances, and more.

Four-week Theory Workshop—various levels of the Theory Workshop are offered. Students complete a brief theory worksheet to see which level workshop is appropriate for them (this is not a test). The workshops are available for beginner students to the most advanced. The worksheet is available at CCM. Hand-in the completed Theory Worksheet to the CCM office by October 7th in exchange for a treat!  Do not sign-up online for the Theory Workshop until your student has handed in the Theory Worksheet and you have been notified of their placement level.

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*We ask that parents allow their children to complete the Theory Worksheet on their own without assistance. This allows us to place the child in the appropriate Theory Workshop, which best suits their abilities. Students who are starting lessons for the first time do not need to complete the worksheet, and will automatically be placed in the beginner level.

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Who can participate? 

CCM Student

MAP is available to all CCM private lesson students—sign-up online is easyCCM faculty will guide students throughout the year to help them succeed and complete their MAP Achievement Level. 

Here’s How to Register:

Registration to MAP is easy— simply sign up online. Please register for MAP by October 1st.

Achievement Levels

Prelude: This level is for students who are at the beginning of their musical development. Recommended for students under 10-years-old.

Fugue: This level is for students who’ve learned the basics and are ready to start refining their skills. Recommended for students 10-years-old and above.

Finale: This level is for our older/more advanced students who are ready to take the next steps. Recommended for students 13-years-old and above.

Go for Gold!

For those students who wish to take it to the next level, we are offering additional activities to enhance their music education.  We will recognize students who “went for gold” at the MAP Celebration Recital in May, and they will have the opportunity to play either a solo piece or collaborative piece with another student.

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MAP Activities