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Ten musical trivia questions to test your skills!

Music trivia is all the rage these days. From trivia night at your local bar to new phone games like Heardle (a musical spin-off of the ever-popular Wordle), it has never been easier to show off your extensive knowledge of music. Here are ten musical trivia questions to test your skills!

#1 How many instruments did (The Artist formerly known as) Prince know how to play?

#2 Few would be surprised to hear that John Lennon and Paul McCartney take the number one and two spots for writing the most billboard number-one singles of all time, but who is in third place?

#3 What was the famous Punk-rock band Green Day’s original name?

#4 The Sound of Music takes place in Salzburg, Austria, but that’s not the town’s only musical claim to fame. Which famous musician and composer was born there?

#5 What is the oldest surviving musical instrument?

#6 Which Jazz musician was known for playing a bent trumpet?

#7 Which Beatles song did Mick Jagger sing backup vocals for?

#8 Which music group starred in the first music video ever aired on MTV?

#9 Which Pink Floyd album had a prism on the cover?

#10 Which musician won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016?

How many did you know? Here are the answers!

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