Financial Assistance

Through the generosity of many local donors, the Concord Conservatory of Music is able to provide financial aid awards this year to qualified applicants. The School is committed to making our activities as accessible as possible for all.

Receiving financial aid requires the following commitment on your part:

1. Regular attendance at lessons/classes,

2. Regular practice at home, and

3. Participation in performances where applicable. 

Once a financial aid award is granted, it will be renewed for the second semester of a given year, as long as funds are available and the teacher comments favorably on the student’s attendance, effort, and achievement. A new financial aid application must be filled out each academic year. Families who receive financial aid are not eligible for other types of discounts.

If you would like to discuss this application, please call (978) 369-0010.

When funds are available, the Concord Conservatory of Music offers partial scholarships to students who need financial assistance. Most awards do not exceed 50% of the tuition. Aid is given on the basis of need, regardless of race, creed or national origin. Aid is granted by the semester, according to guidelines established by the Scholarship Committee of the CCM Board of Directors, and will be renewed on the basis of teacher recommendation. You will be notified only if aid cannot be continued. All applications will be handled as confidential material.

Application Deadlines
Applications will be considered in accordance to the following deadline schedule:

For new and returning students -  June 18th

After these dates, applications will be considered on a rolling basis as funds allow. All financial aid applications must be submitted before lessons begin.