Singing with Parkinson's (Online)

Singing with Parkinson's Brings Together People With Parkinson’s, Their Family Members And Caregivers 

“Singing with Parkinson’s” offers people in the community an opportunity to participate in voice therapy while singing, performing and experiencing the joy of making music. The chorus covers songs from a variety of genres, and input from the group will help guide the repertoire. The focus is on vocal fitness, with a new exercise introduced each week. The chorus will collaborate online with the Parkinson’s Disease Virtual Choir (PD Virtual Choir), which has over 150 members from around the globe.

Now online on Tuesdays from 11 am - 12 pm. Fall semester begins on September 29, 2020.

Email our Student Services Manager to register>>

Research has shown that vocal exercises improve range as well as volume, that they help keep facial muscles toned and responsive, and that they strengthen muscles in the soft palate. The presence of music and rhythm for individuals with Parkinson's improves their movement. 

“Our goal for the Singing with Parkinson’s program is to offer people coping with the disease a chance to sing together, perform in the community and build new friendships. In addition to stimulating creativity, Singing with Parkinson’s will help members with breathing, stretching, posture and vocal exercises –all therapeutic benefits provided in a supportive environment.”

Kate Yoder, CCM Executive Director & Founder

Dr. Greta Feeney will lead the 60-minute weekly sessions at CCM. Dr. Feeney is an American opera singer, scholar, and educator. She studied at The Juilliard School in New York and made her operatic debut on the main stage at The San Francisco Opera, where she has performed in more than 20 productions. As a music educator and mentor, Dr. Feeney’s work ranges from teaching private voice lessons to choral conducting, with a special focus on restorative voice techniques using a “speech-to-song” approach. To register, email our Student Services Manager>>

You can join at any point during the semester. When onsite CCM provides an accompanist for the weekly sessions as well as refreshments and time for the group to socialize. There's no cost for caregivers and family members to attend. ($50 fee/10 sessions for registrants) 

Singing with Parkinsons is supported by a grant from the American Parkinson Disease Association Massachusetts Chapter.