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Overture String Orchestra

Enhance musical skills through a comprehensive, creative, and collaborative approach for young musicians.

Experience the joy of playing music together!

CCM’s Overture String Orchestra provides a challenging and fulfilling chamber orchestra experience while maintaining the West Side Strings philosophy of individualized instruction and a curriculum tailored to the needs of its participants. 

The CCM Overture String Orchestra aims to enhance your students’ musicianship by heightening their ability to listen to their peers, gain leadership and cooperative skills, and perform as a cohesive ensemble.

This opportunity is available to intermediate bassists, violinists, violists, and cellists through a placement audition. 

CCM Overture String Orchestra

Who can be in the Overture String Orchestra?

Overture students should be able to read music, be confident playing in first position on all strings, and will have studied their instrument for at least 3 years.

Full-year commitment is expected.

Placement is firstly based on playing level, but students will typically fall into grades 4-8. Overture string players need not be CCM students, but are required to be in private lessons with a qualified instructor and are encouraged to participate in their school orchestra programs if available to them.

Placement auditions will be on Sunday, May 19 starting at 3 pm. Sign up.

Auditions held at CCM in Studio 6 (upstairs on the 2nd floor).

Audition requirements:

  • Play one scale of your choice by memory
  • Play one piece of your choice, either under 3 minutes or the exposition only of a longer piece
  • Age Group(s): 9-12, 13-18
  • Ages: Students in grades 4 - 8
  • Instrument: strings
  • Semester: Fall
  • Duration: 15 weeks/60 minutes
  • Day/Time: Friday afternoons, Time TBD
  • Start Date: September 2024
  • Cost: $595 for 30 weeks/year