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Concord Conservatory Children's Chorus

This chorus features a challenging, performance-oriented, and fun curriculum for dedicated choristers ages 9 – 13.

Experience not required—just a love of singing and enthusiasm for music is essential.

The Chorus Director incorporates musical games and full-body exercises into each rehearsal. These activities help students work on their vocal technique and musicianship in a low-pressure environment, which helps improve their performance repertoire. The chorus provides a comprehensive music education that includes three key areas:

  • Vocal training—age-appropriate vocal development and applied technique
  • Musicianship skills—ear training, sight-reading, and music theory
  • Performance—opportunities to sing solos, a Capella, and with the chorus in front of a live audience, and to learn how to collaborate with piano accompaniment

This approach prepares Chorus members with the skills and techniques necessary to perform music from a variety of styles, from classical to contemporary, in both unison and two-part harmony, culminating in a recital performance at CCM. The Chorus will also sing country, pop, and musical theater choral arrangements. The director will also gather feedback from the Chorus members regarding the repertoire to match the musical selections to their goals.

We nurture the singers in a comprehensive approach that will allow them to develop and thrive!

Students will gain vocal technique across their full range, musical reading, and listening skills, the ability to harmonize with other singers, and the ability to collaborate and problem-solve with their colleagues in real time.

Inevitably, chorus members will improve their teamwork, social, and communication skills—how to be patient with themselves and others while learning the art of performing. Our goal is to develop each singer’s full musical potential as the group delivers polished performances.

Students should expect to attend regularly and practice at home.

Brief No Stress Auditions—an opportunity to meet the Chorus director

A brief complimentary introduction, which only lasts 5 to 10 minutes, helps the Children’s Chorus director plan for the semester. The short meeting includes simple pitch-matching exercises, singing scales, and the familiar song, “Happy Birthday.”

Your brief no stress audition details coming soon!

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  • Age Group(s): 9-12, 13-18
  • Ages: 9 - 13
  • Instructor: Rose Hegele
  • Instrument: voice
  • Semester: Fall and Winter/Spring
  • Duration: 60 minutes, 15 sessions
  • Day/Time: Mondays, 5:00 - 6:00 pm
  • Start Date: September 16
  • Cost: $480