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3-Week Lifelong Learners Workshop: A Composer's Life

Keith Kirchoff

Join Concord Conservatory of Music faculty member, concert pianist, and composer, Keith Kirchoff, as he offers a three-week course on what is it like to be a composer. We may have a romantic vision of the musician struck with a melody while lounging on a Parisian terrace, but the reality is far more complicated. This 3-week workshop will explore the various approaches, horror stories, and successes of composers both historical and present-day.

Group Adventures in American Roots Guitar & Mandolin

Group Adventures in American Roots Guitar & Mandolin

Many of us are craving opportunities to make music socially in a welcoming, accessible, community setting. Such is the motivation behind our combined, mandolin-and-guitar group class, designed for advanced beginners through intermediate-level players. Learn more>>

Ukulele Fever Leads to the Uke Club


CCM has enjoyed a growing interest in ukulele lessons in recent years, to the degree that we’ve expanded our offerings: Beginning students can start strumming straight away in the Ukulele Crash Course, then graduate on to more intermediate skills in the Ukulele Club, both taught by Phil Sargent. 

NEW! THE CCM Workshop Series

Gabriela Martina

Transformative workshops that promise to engage and challenge all participants. These workshops will help students to become well-rounded musicians and go far beyond their typical lesson and practice schedule. With a limited time commitment per workshop, the take-away students will receive is immeasurable. Learn more>>

January 22nd Free Open Rehearsal for the Youth Chorus

CCM Concord Youth Chorus Project

Come to a free open rehearsal for the CCM Concord Youth Chorus Project on Monday, January 22nd from 5:00 – 6:00 pm. 

The Youth Chorus Project members learn the fundamentals of harmony, rhythm, and sight-singing with songs from different countries, written in a variety of languages. Learn more>>

CCM IS OPEN, Friday, January 5th!

We look forward to seeing you.

Spring Group Registration is Open!

Spring Group Classes begin Tuesday, January 16th!  Whether you are interested in an instrument class, the Concord Youth Chorus Project, or a beginner banjo, guitar/mandolin or bluegrass class, CCM has an exciting and dynamic class experience for everyone.

Discover your options.  

You create opportunities!

Who is helping inspire and train the next generation of musicians? Who is providing them with excellent opportunities for their future? When you are! 

Eighteen-year-old baritone sax player Josh Allen headed to Berklee College of Music this fall. “If not for CCM, Josh couldn’t have chosen this path,” says Josh’s dad, Steve. 

Free Trial Lesson Week November 27th – December 2nd

Do you want to learn a new instrument, or take your playing to the next level? Explore your musical options by signing up for a Free Trial Lesson at The Concord Conservatory of Music (CCM). Starting November 27th and running through December 2nd, CCM is offering free trial lessons for —voice, flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, cello, violin, viola, piano, guitar, banjo, bass, and mandolin.

CCM Presents Chamber Music

CCM Presents Chamber Music

On Friday, November 17th at 7 pm, CCM presents Chamber Music performed by the Piano Trio featuring the faculty members violinist Angel Valchinov, and cellist Hyun-Ji Kwon, and with guest musician Keun Young Sun on piano. Purchase tickets>>