Aaron Jay

Guitar, Music Appreciation, Ukulele

Aaron Myers is a composer, guitarist, and teacher, who encourages students to seek new music and to try new things. “Whether it’s a classical piece, jazz tune, rock, or pop song: I help my students to analyze and understand the music they are learning. I understand that the success of my students strongly depends on my thorough presentation and organization of materials, accompanied by a high level of clarity. Whether teaching private students or a large class, I try to clearly provide the students with all of the information and resources that they need in order to get the most out of their education.”

Aaron seeks to cultivate his students’ enthusiasm and to make their hard work rewarding. “I encourage them to explore many different styles and genres of music, including what their interests are. And if they are struggling with something they are working on, I let them know of my own struggles and accomplishments along the journey of learning how to play an instrument and becoming a musician.”

Aaron hails from Baltimore but his compositions have been performed across the United States, and he has been commissioned by Semiosis Quartet, Transient Canvas, Diagenesis Duo, Chamber Cartel, The Governor’s School Orchestra, Sharan Leventhal, Emma Resmini, NakedEye Ensemble, NorthStar Duo, Box Not Found, L+M Duo, Chaz Aguado, Stephanie Lamprea, Peridot Duo, and many others. Aaron has been teaching for nearly twenty years, and currently teaches at several music schools in the Boston metro area.

Aaron holds BM and MM in Composition degrees from Towson University and The Boston Conservatory. He studied guitar with Maurice Arenas and Troy King. He studied composition with Dave Ballou, William Kleinsasser, Jan Swafford, and Marti Epstein. He has had additional composition studies with Nicholas Vines and Roger Reynolds.

When he’s not working on music, “I do a lot of vegetarian cooking, and I’m pretty good at it if I do say so myself.” Aaron also enjoys films, good TV series, and visual art. “And of course, listening to tons of different music.”

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"Playing music and listening to music have always been, and continue to be, the healthiest outlet for me to process my experiences and to express myself. Music has literally been my salvation."