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When Art Collides With Music

Explore when art collides with music—how visual art and sculptures intertwine with music between subjective and abstract ideas. We’ll focus on composer Arnold Schoenberg and artist Wassily Kandinsky.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at 5:00 pm, lecture presented by CCM faculty member Kitty Cheung-Evans

Purchase tickets in advance or at the door. ($10 General Admission and free for students 18 and under)

Musicians and students will gain additional perspective on genres when drawing parallelisms between the two mediums. The interactions between artists and musicians can have lifelong effects on emerging new artistic genres.

Both Schoenberg and Kandinsky created artistic works by looking inward—their creations represent their spiritual self. They believed that “art must be devoted to its individual element” and both greatly influenced the Modern Arts movement.

Join us for this fascinating lecture and explore the pairing of a composer and painter together, and how their creativity aligned to produce art and music that reflects self-expression.