Mission & Vision

Founded in 2005, the Concord Conservatory of Music is an energetic community of people who are deepening their involvement with music education.  As a non-profit school, CCM serves Concord and the surrounding 15 communities.

Our Mission
The mission of the Concord Conservatory of Music is to foster a sense of community through music by providing accessible, high-quality music education and performance opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.

Our Vision
The vision of the Concord Conservatory of Music is to provide a community center for high-quality 21st century music instruction for all who desire it.

We Value

  • Comprehensive high quality music instruction
  • Creating a community of music lovers
  • Collaboration with schools and other community institutions
  • Accessibility – making music available to everyone
  • Broadening people’s horizons through music
  • Performance opportunities
  • Lifelong opportunities for music education
  • Convenience for our family of users
  • Our faculty and staff
  • Fiduciary accountability and organizational excellence