Keith Kirchoff

Keith Kirchoff

Piano Department Chair

Piano, Composition, Music Appreciation

Pianist and composer Keith Kirchoff has performed throughout North America, Europe, and the Pacific Southwest. A strong advocate for modern music, he is committed to fostering new audiences for contemporary music and giving a voice to emerging composers, and to that end has premiered over 100 new works and commissioned over two dozen compositions. 

Specializing on works which combine interactive electro-acoustics with solo piano, Keith's Electroacoustic Piano Tour has been presented in ten countries, and has spawned three solo albums. He is the co-founder and a director of SPLICE and the founder and Artistic Director of Original Gravity Inc. Keith has won awards from the Steinway Society, MetLife Meet the Composer, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, and was named the 2011 Distinguished Scholar by the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association. He has recorded on the New World, Kairos, New Focus, Tantara, Ravello, Thinking outLOUD, Zerx, and SEAMUS labels.

Keith has been teaching at CCM since 2009. He says, "My goal is to give my students a well-rounded musical education, teaching musical fundamentals like note reading, history, and theory, as well as encouraging students to try composing and improvising themselves. It is important for me to stress the personal creativity and expression behind the notes: making music is one of the most rewarding experiences, but music is much more than just notes."