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2019 -2020 Workshops announced soon

Violin Master Class with Ayano Ninomiya 3/2/19, 4 - 6:00 pm, Sanctuary

World-renowned New England Conservatory of Music violin faculty Ayano Ninomiya will hold a Master Class for CCM students. All are welcome to observe!

Composition with Brian Friedland 3/6/19, 5-6:30 pm- Room 4

The composition workshop will teach students surefire ways to write great sounding music!  Led by CCM faculty and composer Brian Friedland, students will learn how they can use songs they already know to come up with brand new compositions, and how to create interesting multi-part compositions.  The workshop will focus on ways to create clear melodic phrases, a variety of rhythms, and ways to use harmony to 'color' a melody. Participants will analyze compositions from several different musical traditions and discuss what makes different musical styles and composers stand out from each other. For ages 10+

Improvisation with Brian Friedland  3/20/19, 6-7:30 pm- North Hall

This workshop will introduce students to an array of methods for spontaneously composing music that will inspire their creativity!  Led by CCM faculty and jazz pianist Brian Friedland, participants will discover ways to create as a group and musically respond to each other.  After loosening up through games and group improvisations, students will learn how to creatively utilize scales and chords through the use of patterns, repetition and variation, and rhythmic placement.  The class will then learn how to apply this knowledge to embellishing melodies and improvising over chord progressions. The workshop will also touch on the role of improvisation in Jazz and other styles of music from all over the world.  For ages 10+

Vocal Techniques for Instrumentalists with Gabriela Martina  3/23/19, 11-12:30 pm- Sanctuary

This workshop is for musicians who play an instrument other than voice. It’s for musicians who love to sing but don’t quite know what to do with their voice, how to work on good technique and how to maintain a healthy voice. Lovers of any styles of music are welcome!  There are many ways to produce the sound you are looking for as a musician. We have an incredible amount of opportunities as an instrumentalist and just as many (if not even more) as someone who “plays” the instrument voice. Just the same way you can play any instrument tense, in the wrong position or simply out of tune we can get caught in the wrong ways of playing our instrument: the voice. It’s helpful to get to know a couple of tricks and tips about this rather delicate instrument and learning about some techniques that will hopefully open the door to new possibilities on your way as a musician.

Cello Practice Tips & Techniques with Ji Kwon & Fabrizio Mazzetta  3/23/19, 5-6:15 pm- North Hall

Students joining this performance practice forum will learn how to combine fun with facts in order to sound great on any piece.  Students will learn how to determine key points with theoretical and practical elements of playing the cello when starting to work on any new given piece.  Students will choose from a pre-selected set of pieces to prepare for the workshop. They will be encouraged to listen to and practice the pieces ahead of time but will not be expected to have polished the work.

This workshop is open to non-CCM students. To register>>

What Makes Music Music? with Keith Kirchoff   4/8/19- 7, 8:30 pm- South Hall West

This one-time workshop will explore what makes music music. Students will listen to various works, engage in discussion and debate, and perform together on uncommon instruments. Open to ages 10 +