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2020 Workshops:

Music of the Spheres: Math, Music, and Astronomy in Ancient Greece

Freedom and Ease in Music Making: Alexander Technique for Musicians

Cadenza - The Complete Musician with Greta Feeney

Dalcroze with Melissa Tucker

CCM Spring Violin Technique Workshops!

Serialism- Featured composer:  Oliver Messiaen

Music of the Spheres: Math, Music, and Astronomy in Ancient Greece

CCM faculty member Greta Feeney
Wednesday, Feb. 26th from 7-8 pm
With Greta Feeney
Did you know that Pythagoras invented Pi and music? Learn about how the first western musicians used music to measure the distance between the planets, and how music was used to train soldiers, as well as heal the sick.
(Open to CCM students only)  
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Freedom and Ease in Music Making: Alexander Technique for Musicians

Alexander Technique - Why play in pain?Postponed - TBD 

Alexander Technique with Clara Sandler from New England Conservatory and Boston College (Sanctuary and open to the public)

Have you experienced tension/pain/fatigue while playing your instrument or singing?

Come explore how the Alexander Technique can help you find more freedom in your voice and playing your instrument! In this experiential workshop we will learn how we usually interfere with the body’s natural alignment and coordination and what to do about it. 

The Alexander Technique helps develop a conscious awareness of how we use our body and helps change habits that cause tension and pain. For over 100 years the Alexander Technique has helped musicians, actors, dancers, athletes and others get rid of unnecessary tensions and perform with ease and enjoyment.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat or towel. Be ready to move around, sit on the floor and bring your instrument! We will have some volunteers sing and play.

Clara Sandler is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique (AT) and a member of Alexander Technique International. She teaches AT classes at the New England Conservatory and at Boston College, and privately at her studio in Brookline. She is on the Voice faculty at NEC Prep/SCE and Boston College Music Department. 

She approached the Alexander Technique after years of suffering from headaches, neck and arm issues due to a herniated cervical disc and not finding relief from traditional medicine. She is happy to report that she has been pain-free for many years thanks to her Alexander work.

Clara trained in the Alexander Technique at the AT Center of Cambridge, under master teacher Tommy Thompson. 

Clara holds a Master of Music degree in Voice Performance from the New England Conservatory of Music. She performs regularly with the Boston Arts Consort in programs of music from Spain and Latin America.

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Cadenza - The Complete Musician

Postponed - TBD: Mondays: March 30, April 6, April 13 from 7:00-7:45 pm

With Greta Feeney

Take your playing from good to great using technology to learn the classical European method of sharpening the inner ear to create your perfect phrase, and achieve your best sound. iPads will be used and provided. ($35 CCM students email Emma Huggard to register/ $45 non-CCM student/Register online)

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Dalcroze for ages 7 -10

Postponed - TBD: Saturday, April 4, 2020, 1-1:50 pm (North Hall)

With Melissa Tucker
Does your child love music? And, do they enjoy moving around or creating their own rhythms? Would they like to learn more about how music works? If yes, this interactive Dalcroze workshop is for them!
Discover how movement, rhythm games, active listening, and improvisation can help them become a better musician. They'll make new friends and have fun learning by doing.
Map out their next musical adventure Sign them up for the Dalcroze Eurhythmics M.A.P. Workshop this spring!
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CCM violin students
Postponed TBD: CCM Spring Violin Technique Workshops!

April 4th- 1:30-3 pm- with Hyun Jung Kim
April 5th- 3:30-5 pm- with Cecilia Pinto
There will be activities for all levels- including rhythm & melody games, bow work and group songs for the youngest up to vibrato, shifting, and scale/arpeggio work for the most advanced students. Older beginners and intermediate players will improve their tone and rhythm, work on using their 4th finger, and explore articulations!
Students who sign-up will be divided into groups of similar levels. The timeslots will be adjusted to accommodate the different levels and students will not be expected to stay for the full 90 minutes.
For CCM students only. Sign up HERE for your chosen date and we will narrow down the timeslot as soon as group students together. 

Serialism- Featured composer:  Oliver Messiaen


For ages 9+

With Kitty Cheung-Evans

Serialism in composition is a fun way to explore post-tonal music.  Start from the iso-rhythm, to pitches, timbre, and dynamics.  It’s simple yet intricate process can be heard in a variety of ways within a composition.  The featured composer is Oliver Messiaen which we will listen to one of his works, and drawn examples from.

Students will be encouraged to write their own serialism and are welcome to play for each other. 

(Open to CCM students only)

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Past CCM Workshops:

Greta Feeney

Everything You Wanted to Know About Opera But were Afraid to Ask

Friday, October 18, 2019, 6 - 7 pm with Greta Feeney

For students of all ages

Curious about opera? Greta Feeney, who performs, studies and teaches voice and opera, breaks down all you need to know about this fascinating and highly respected musical art.

Greta will discuss the history and backstory of several operas, and those who write and sing them (and a bit of gossip too). Greta's expert insight into opera will lead young students through this fun and exciting genre!

Kitty Cheung-EvansPainting and Music: Colors and Texture

Saturday, November 16, 2019, 11:30 - 12:30 pm with Kitty Cheung-Evans

For ages 5 - 8 and meets in the North Hall

This workshop will allow students to paint and draw what they hear and explore the dynamics of colors in piano music. Students will listen to how melody and harmonies can translate into characters, ideas, or layers upon layers of colors. From the softness of the daffodils to the hardness of mountains, this workshop will bring music sophistication into students'  imaginations. 

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