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Whatever your age, interest, or experience, we'll match you with an instructor who is just right for you.

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American Roots

Grab your string instrument and join an American Roots class in Bluegrass, Old-Time and more.  

Guitar, mandolin, fiddle/violin, bass, banjo, and Dobro are welcome!

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Get a Unique Summer Music Experience

CCM keeping the summer fun for Kids and Adults!

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Jazz Combos

Coached by CCM faculty in a fun, low-key atmosphere, Jazz Combo is a great way to celebrate your love of this spontaneous and fun music genre as well as continuing to develop your musical skills. The immensely talented CCM Jazz faculty has performed and recorded with jazz musicians such as Grammy winners Danilo Perez and Mark Walker, and with Grammy-winning composer/conductor Maria Schneider. Also Jazz icons such as Joan Brakeen, Jerry Bergozi, and Yoron Israel.

Private Lessons

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced musician looking to take your playing to another level, private lessons provide the opportunity to get the personal attention that is beneficial to your growth as a musician.

Group Keyboard Level 1

The Group Keyboard curriculum (for age 5 and ages 6-7) is a comprehensive music program offering a fun and unique approach to learning music. Small classes of four to six move together as a group and cover basic reading and rhythm skills along with solo and ensemble playing. Similar to private lessons, students progress through a beginning keyboard book over the course of the year. However, children who would prefer varied activities can flourish in a small group class setting.

Beginner Vocals

This is an introductory course for beginning vocalists ages 6–8. This course will focus on the development of the young voice in the context of singing age-appropriate songs from musical theatre repertory. Students learn the basic elements of breathing, pitch, voice placement, range development, and tone while working towards a performance of songs from a well-known musical. The class will be given two to three ensemble pieces to work on during the 14 weeks. Short solos from the selected songs will be assigned about the third or fourth week if so desired by the student.

Private Lessons

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced musician looking to take your playing to another level, private lessons provide the opportunity to get the personal attention that is beneficial to your growth as a musician.

First Recitals Cast a Spell Over the Audience!

Professor Dumbledore (CCM Student Marco) makes an appearance at our recent Halloween-themed recital. Not only can he practice magic, he did an excellent job playing Dancing Leaves and The Chop Waltz on the piano!

Meet CCM's New Faculty

We are pleased to welcome new faculty members to our guitar, bass, voice, percussion, and violin faculty.   READ MORE »

Summer Private Lesson Registration!

Summer Private Lessons at CCM

Here's one easy way to make your child's summer memorable and fun!

Summer private lessons help students retain their skills. It's also an ideal time to acquire skills, conquer additional pieces, and maybe even start a new instrument.  Your child will truly appreciate starting lessons in the summer without the stress from schoolwork and their busy schedules.  


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Distance Learning at CCM

The health and safety of both our school community and the greater community are of the utmost importance to us. CCM is currently providing Distance Learning for our private students and some group classes, and will do so until further notice. We expect to determine plans for the fall by the end of July - early August time period. Please check back periodically for updates. CCM COVID-19 FAQs

Summer Online

We’re taking all the summer music online! More summer experiences being added daily.

Learn from CCM’s experienced instructors on the virtual platform combining high-quality instruction with the excitement of making music with other students who love music. Each program will include Zoom sessions, and other resources to supplement the learning. CHOOSE YOUR SUMMER CAMPS>>

Music for All Ages

Music for all ages


CCM is the best place to sow the seed for lifelong interest. Our teachers know how to strike just the right chord between creating fun, playful learning and teaching solid musical concepts. Children as young as 4 years old and up explore the world of music in an age-appropriate and engaging environment. Even at these younger ages, students are given the fundamentals for their future study and enjoyment of music.

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CCM’s offerings for teens tap into their growing maturity and provide an exciting outlet to express themselves through music. Whether your teen is a first-time musician or conservatory bound, our teaching artists are exceptional at meeting the unique needs of this age group.

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Early and Always. Music instruction can start with young children and continue to welcome learners into their 90s. At any age and ability level, there's something for everyone. CCM’s faculty is experienced in teaching adult learners, and prides itself on its growing number of adult students and the offerings for the senior population.

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Music Matters

Music, like nothing else, can reach into our lives and affect us. Music changes our mood, sharpens our thoughts; it can transport us to places we visited, help us relive memories of special moments in our lives. Enjoy our video!

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