Masako Yotsugi

Masako Yotsugi believes that “Music is a universal language. To be able to express ourselves through music, we have to learn skills first to play the instrument, read the music, learn the harmony and the theory.”


For students who have already learned those fundamental skills, Masako engages them with jazz instruction using a variety of methods: “left hand activity, right hand harmonization of melody, voicing techniques, improvisation, re-harmonization, accompaniment for vocal or instrumental. All the above material will create a fullness of sound necessary for solo jazz piano. This comprehensive approach can be applied to any style such as jazz, pop, contemporary rock, and more.” She quotes her professor at Berklee College of Music, Ray Santisi, who said “‘Let’s develop our skills so we can support our instinct.’”

Masako enjoys sharing her musical gifts in live performances. She recalls fondly her experience as the resident pianist at the Boston Harbor Hotel and Joe Tecce’s in the North End, where she entertained guests with her knowledge of the American Songbook and more contemporary music.

Masako earned her diploma in Jazz Piano Performance at Berklee College of Music where she studied with renowned jazz pianist, Ray Santisi.

In her free time, Masako enjoys cooking, traveling, movies, and yoga.

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“Thanks to my father who was a concert master violinist at NHK Symphony Orchestra in Japan, I was listening to classical music and going to concerts all the time in my childhood. Since I was a teenager, I was interested in Jazz. The British band “Shakatak” was a big influence. Driven by passion, I started to transcribe their improvisation. Another big influence was the movie “When Harry Met Sally”. I started to listen to American Songbook (jazz standards and popular songs) since.”