Kitty Cheung-Evans is an enthusiastic piano teacher with a knack for recognizing each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Because each student learns differently, she uses a flexible approach for choosing pieces that advance their technical, musical, reading, and rhythmic skills. Kitty shares her love of music with her students—she’s a storyteller and finds time to provide insights of composer’s lives and a bit of history. With humor and a smile, Kitty passes along the joy of music making.

Kitty has more than ten years of teaching experience, with students from four years old to adults, from beginners to advanced levels. She has been praised for her patience and dedication, ensuring that each student blossoms musically through a basic theoretical approach. To ensure success as a student, Kitty encourages her students to listen well, be determined to learn, and not be afraid of failure.

Kitty holds a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance from the University of Lethbridge in Canada, and a Master’s degree in Piano Performance from the Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA. She also completed a yearlong intensive piano performance study at Royal of Conservatory/Glenn Gould of Music, Toronto, ON, Canada.

She continues to collaborate with other artists, including with student and professional recitals. Kitty has also taught at the Little Music School at the Franklin School of Performing Arts and Gordon La Salle School of Music in Leominster.

Reading, baking, learning new piano pieces, and improvising and jamming with others keeps Kitty busy—not to mention the hiking, canoeing, and also the badminton she likes to play.

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“I teach students how to listen; how to create all aspects of sounds and colors as the composers intend us to do. I suggest techniques and sounds that are best suited to the period and style of music. I want my students’ perception of music to develop with their life experiences. By helping them expand their imaginations and show them the importance of their own ideas, they will flourish!”