Justin Meyer teaches both acoustic and electric basses, and has taught students interested in everything: classical, bluegrass, jazz, rock, pop, hip hop, you name it! “One of the many great things about playing the bass is that there are numerous playing opportunities available to the advancing student. Fortunately, the fundamentals of good bass playing apply to all genres of music! I ask that my students practice as regularly as their schedules will allow.”

In addition to leading his own bands, Justin performs throughout New England in a wide variety of musical settings. He has played and/or recorded with the Indian Hill Symphony, the New Black Eagle Jazz Band, David Amram, Gerry Beaudoin, Toni Lynn Washington, Chris Trapper, Greg Hopkins, and Jerry Bergonzi, among many others.

Justin a Master’s Degree from the Longy School of Music, where he studied with Charlie Binacos. He attended the Berklee School of Music, and also holds a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Justin describes himself as “New England’s biggest University of Carolina sports fan.” He is also an avid reader. “I subscribe to the New York Review of books, and just finished a Gregg Allman biography and am currently reading Pu Songling’s Strange tales from a Chinese studio.”

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"My goal as a teacher is for my students to have fun playing the kind(s) of music they want to play, and to become better musicians as they do so."