Chieko Loy has been teaching since she was 18 years old, beginning with neighborhood kids and friends of her mother in her native Yokohama, Japan. Chieko has gone on to teach in India, Hong Kong, Oklahoma, and here at CCM (since our founding in 2005)! Chieko’s teaching style has advanced over this time to serve her students better. For each new student she asks herself, “Oh, I’ve never had this kind of kid before, so how should I approach [teaching them]?”

Chieko stresses the importance of her students following what they are interested in, because if they are interested, they will be motivated to put in the required effort. She explains, “I can push my students, but in the end, it is up to them.”

Chieko entered college as a pianist but had long wanted to sing, and ended up switching her major to voice. She explains that as a voice student she still needed to learn piano: “The piano majors weren’t required to learn a second instrument, but all other majors had to learn piano. It was because the intervals and intonation were so easy to see and understand on the piano. It helped to teach music theory.” Chieko sometimes incorporates vocal techniques into her piano lessons to help students grasp the music better.

Chieko earned her Bachelor of Music degree from the Senzoku Academy of Music in Japan and her Master in Music from the University of Tulsa.

In her down time, Chieko enjoys working in her garden (and sharing what she grows).

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"Everybody needs music. Music needs you!"