Vocal Techniques for Instrumentalists

Vocal Techniques for Instrumentalists

Presented online by CCM Faculty Member Greta Feeney

Saturday, March 13, 10:00 - 11:00 am 

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There are many ways to produce the sound you are looking for as a musician. We have an incredible amount of opportunities as an instrumentalist and just as many (if not even more) as someone who “plays” the instrument voice.  Learning to sing allows you to identify pitch better, internalize the rhythms of the song you are learning, and play the song more musically.  By learning good vocal skills, your voice will train your ears and improve your musicianship and playing.  All using your first instrument, your voice!

Just the same way you can play any instrument tense, in the wrong position, or simply out of tune, we can get caught in the wrong ways of playing our instrument: the voice. It’s helpful to get to know a couple of tricks and tips about this rather delicate instrument and learning about some techniques that will hopefully open the door to new possibilities on your way as a musician.

This workshop is for musicians who play an instrument other than voice. It’s for musicians who love to sing but don’t quite know what to do with their voice, how to work on good technique, and how to maintain a healthy voice.  You'll explore the relationship between breathing, phrasing, and the internalization of the pitch in this workshop designed to make your instrumental repertoire more technically secure and personally relevant.