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The Fiddle Tunes Jam Toolkit

This course is open to all acoustic instruments – not just fiddle!

This ensemble offers a relaxed space to explore instrumental music from various fiddle styles and understand how to play those tunes with others. This class welcomes all instrumentalists who have the desire to learn and play music from the traditional fiddle-based styles, including Bluegrass, Old Time, and Celtic.

In addition to learning tunes, students will learn essential jam techniques such as leading a song, following along on a tune you don’t know, and general jam etiquette. This course aims to break down the music-learning process so students can go out and study tunes they love with more depth, accuracy, and efficiency.  Students will arrange and perform as an ensemble at the end of the semester.

You’ll come away with:

  • a new batch of tunes learned in their entirety – melody, chords, and grooves
  • an understanding of common keys, forms, and chord progressions
  • a deeper understanding of the nuances between styles of instrumental music
  • a basic overview on how to start writing their own songs

This class is geared towards developing instrumentalists who are familiar with a handful of tunes in any style. Students should be comfortable learning melodies from sheet music or by ear.

  • Age Group(s): Adult
  • Ages: Adults
  • Instructor: Maxfield W. Anderson
  • Instrument: strings
  • Semester: Not offered this semester
  • Duration: 90 minutes, 14 weeks
  • Day/Time: Mondays, 7:30 – 9:00 pm
  • Start Date: September 20, 2021
  • Cost: $525