Beginner/Intermediate Fiddling Class

Intermediate Fiddling

The beginner/Intermediate Fiddling Class will focus on learning fiddle tunes by ear, an introduction to improvisation, and basic backing techniques. Come join in the fun as we explore tunes in the Americana Roots genre with a focus in Old-Time, Bluegrass, and the Blues. Please bring a recording device, as tunes and grooves will be mainly taught by ear.

Begin with the basics of fiddling and learn to play simple tunes on the violin in no time. We’ll review the A and D major scales, and start with simple melodies. From there, we’ll learn several standard fiddle tunes that teach you how to play by ear and how to bow with confidence, including shuffle and saw stroke bowing patterns. In no time, you will have a small repertoire of standard fiddle tunes and be well on your way to learning much more. By learning to memorize tunes on-the-fly without musical notation, you'll learn the traditional aural style of sharing and learning fiddle tunes. These skills will set you on a new trajectory, preparing you to participate in jam sessions and workshops where playing by ear is expected.

Continue developing technical fiddle skills while learning fiddle tunes progressing in difficulty, and extending to focus on harmony and ensemble playing. Learning to play by ear helps develop musicality and additional listening skills that benefit any musician.

*Students should have a decent understanding of their instrument, holding the violin, as well as learning by ear.
Please contact us if interested in the class.
Not offered this semester