2021 Performathon!

What is the CCM Performathon?

The Performathon is a community-based event where we welcome students of all ages to come together to share music with our community. We are encouraging our students, from beginners to our most advanced, to share their love of music. At this time, perhaps more than ever, we are focused on providing platforms and opportunities for our students to inspire hope in our community with their music, passion, and dedication.

Honor a Student Performance and Give the Gift of Music!
Performathon serves as an important fundraising opportunity for CCM to continue our commitment to our students and families to provide financial assistance funding—allowing any person access to music education—and maintain our programming opportunities.

You Can Help!
Get ready to feel the magic of music—from listening to beginners who have mastered their first song to more advanced repertoire performed by accomplished students who have studied for years.

The need for music is more apparent than ever. Music teaches, inspires, energizes, and soothes us, and sometimes all at once. The Performathon provides an opportunity for our students to give back to the community with their music, commitment, and passion.

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