Summer fun with music lessons.

Summer Registration

CCM Summer Private Lessons—Both onsite and remote learning available this summer. 

Keep your learning and fun going this summer with private music instruction through CCM. Join a community of music lovers by taking up a new instrument or by improving your existing skills. CCM celebrates 15 years of providing access to outstanding and engaging music instruction. Now is the ideal time to learn to play the instrument you’ve always dreamed about mastering.

Music lessons taken during the summertime keeps your skills sharp. Your child will truly appreciate starting lessons in the summer without the stress from schoolwork and their busy schedules. Consider private lessons in June, July, and August, for you or your child, for the banjo, bass, cello, clarinet, flute, guitar, mandolin, oboe, piano, saxophone, trumpet, viola, violin, and for percussion and voice instruction. Interested in improving your knowledge of music theory? CCM offers that too.

New CCM students can inquire about music lessons by contacting our Student Services Manager Emma Huggard or call 978-369-0010.

By now you may crave a bit of social interaction and CCM can help with that too. Get a group of friends together to join a rock, jazz, or chamber music ensemble and receive coaching from an accomplished faculty member. Ask Emma about joining an ensemble or having small group summer lessons with your friends.

Whether you have hit a plateau and need to take your playing to the next level, or you’ve developed bad habits and need help breaking them, summer lessons are the remedy. Turn to music to boost your creativity, improve your cognitive skills, and soothe your nerves.