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Faculty Profile--Björn Wennås
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News at CCM

Parents’ Workshop—On Monday, October 19th at 8 p.m., please join Executive Director Kate Yoder and CCM violin faculty member Jenna Potts for a parents’ workshop. They will discuss practice tips and strategies - you are not in this alone! If you’re attending, please RSVP to Erica Hughes ( so we know how many to expect.

Practice for Pizza Month—We are halfway into our annual “Practice for Pizza” month, and if hallway conversations are any indication, it’s going to be a popular event. Overheard: mom telling her very young musician… “No, you practice first, then fill out the form!” Keep practicing and turn your completed form into the office, and plan on joining us on November 4th from 6-7 p.m. in North Hall at CCM for some pizza!

Recitals—Our first recitals of the season are upon us! On Saturday, October 25th, we have recitals at 1:00, 2:30, and 4:00 p.m. Have you signed up? Please arrive at the beginning of your recital and stay through its conclusion. Our musicians and other guests will appreciate your respect and good manners!

Tune of the Week—We are starting up our Tune of the Week! Each week, we’ll post an interesting piece of music with an accompanying youtube video on our website home page and on Facebook; and pose a question or two for you to think about regarding what you’ve heard. This is a fun way to broaden your appreciation of music, and should spur some interesting dinnertime conversations. And please seek out your instructor’s take on the pieces! Here's an example...

New Website--We've launched a new version of our website! It has current news, recital and concert schedules, and more! Please check it out at


Concert and Lecture Series

War of the Romantics--Concert and Lecture Series

October 23, 2013
October 25, 2013

Don’t just listen to the music, learn, appreciate and understand the music. 

CCM faculty members Elzbieta Brandys (flute) and Keith Kirchoff (piano) curate this year’s program, an educational series of lectures and concerts. Keith Kirchoff will lead Friday nights here at CCM; this year, we’ve added a Sunday session to at Newbury Court in Concord, which will be led by Elzbieta Brandys. 

Their first concert is entitled “War of the Romantics.” Throughout most of the middle part of the 19th century, a fierce musical and aesthetic battle was waged between the conservatives (led by Brahms) and the radicals (led by Liszt and Berlioz). It’s an exciting, occasionally underhanded and conniving, part of our musical history. Ela and Keith will explore the differing musical aesthetics with demonstrations, stories, and anecdotes.

CCM faculty members Paul Jacobs and Kathryn Christensen Lieppman (piano) and Gina Razon (voice) will perform music by the composers Liszt, Wolff, Brahms, Wagner, and Berlioz.  Check it out!

Tickets are $25 (students attend free) and are available at the door or online at this link. Friday, October 23, 7:00 pm, Sunday, October 25, 3:00 pm.  Full series here…


Who's Your Buddy?

We’re excited to kick off a new initiative here at CCM! The Buddies program matches older, more seasoned CCM musicians with younger ones studying the same instrument. The older student helps the younger one, serving as a role model, an example of what a few more years of practice can lead to, and as a less formal conservatory point of contact. The young musician brings enthusiasm and interest to the table and offers the older player a solid mentoring opportunity.

While the program is still in its formative stages, we imagine the buddies getting together two or three times per year to talk and play together. Who knows—we might even have some buddy pairs play duets at a recital!

Kate Yoder says, “It’s a win-win-win. More experienced CCM students get to help out and influence a young musician. The young student will hopefully be inspired by their older mentors—and it gives the CCM one more way of strengthening our community. I love the thought of our older kids saying “hi” to the younger students in the hallway, and at more formal meeting times.”

If you are interested in having your older kids serve as a mentor, or have a younger student who might like to build a relationship with an older CCM student, please contact Kate Yoder via email or at 978-369-0010.


Faculty Profile--Björn Wennås

Björn Wennås hails from Sweden and has been studying, playing, and teaching guitar in the Boston area since 1999. He’s a remarkable guitarist and teacher and is equally adept in the jazz, rock, classical, and world genres.

Björn heard about CCM through the Boston musician grapevine and jumped at the chance to join the faculty. “I love teaching at the Conservatory,” he says. “The organization is great, and I like how CCM is so involved with its students. There are so many opportunities for both faculty and students at CCM — it’s all a positive experience.”

As a teacher, Björn wants to make his students excited about the guitar and music in general. He says, “I play plenty of jazz, classical, and world music—not so much rock nowadays. I do teach all styles, on both electric and acoustic, but I prefer to start students on classical to build a sound foundation for reading and harmony.” Björn adds, “I tailor my lessons depending on the student, their age, and what they prefer. It’s important that my students are involved and interested, and willing to pursue the instrument on their own. It has to be fun—and not just hard work—to learn guitar.”

Just in case you wanted to know, it's "alt-0246, and alt-229" on the windows keyboard if you want to get ‘ö’ and ‘å’, these are keystrokes you're likely to memorize when Björn is on your faculty.


Why Music Matters: Can Music Help Relieve Surgical Pain?

New research suggests playing music during operations can have a positive effect on both surgeons and those they treat.

A major study published in the Lancet (a major British Medical Journal) says that patients who listen to music during and after an operation will feel less pain and have a speedier recovery - even if they had been under general anesthetic.

Interesting stuff! Watch the story here.


Upcoming Performances

Boston Philharmonic Orchestra
Benjamin Zander, Conductor
Thursday, October 22, 8 pm; Conductor's Talk, 6:45
Symphony Hall, Boston

This promises to be a spectacular program. It couples Strauss's Also Spake Zarathustra with Holst's beloved The Planets. Both pieces will make use of Symphony Hall's classic organ. Through special arrangement, use code "VIP2-22" for a special two-for-one discount!

Tickets and more infomation available here.

Benefit Concert for the Last Call Foundation
Featuring CCM Piano Faculty Member Yelena Beriyeva
Sunday, November 1, 4-6 pm; Reception follows
M. Steinert & Sons
Natick Mall, Natick, MA

The Last Call Foundation provides funding, education, and research to advance the safety needs of the firefighting community. The concert features internationally renowned musicians and includes works by Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Scriabin, and Despommier.

Admission is $15 per person, at the door. Seating ls limited; RSVP to reserve your spot.