Early Childhood Group Classes

Early Childhood Group Classes

The perfect music and movement classes for your kids ages 2 through 5.

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Meet our instructors, experience instrument demos, and learn what it means to be part of our vibrant community. Sit side-by-side with your kids, and watch our VIDEO
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American Roots

Grab your string instrument and join an American Roots class in Bluegrass, Old-Time and more.  

Guitar, mandolin, fiddle/violin, bass, banjo, and Dobro are welcome!

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Group Classes

Reserve your spot and learn together in a fun and rewarding setting.

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Summer fun with music lessons.

Summer Registration

CCM Summer Private Lessons—Both onsite and remote learning available this summer. Keep your learning and fun going this summer with private music instruction through CCM. Join a community of music lovers by taking up a new instrument or by improving your existing skills.

Beneficial Connections of Learning Music and Languages

May 27, 2021 |

Music has another superpower—the ability to help us learn languages. Musicians learn to hear the differences in pitch and rhythm, which may help them perceive intonations in spoken languages. We know that simply singing songs in various languages can also help young students learn a language. Think of the nursery rhyme, Frère Jacques. Music appears to help kids learn vocabulary and grammar skills and boosts brain activity.

Recital Time: Hear Performance Prep Tips From 8 CCM Faculty Members

May 13, 2021 |

Got the performance jitters?

No worries, our CCM faculty members provide what else you can you do to get ready for your recital performance beyond the necessary practicing. Undoubtedly, your audience—family, friends, and peers, will thoroughly enjoy your performance but we want you to revel in the experience too.

You’ve chosen your recital piece. You’ve worked on each section and practiced it for hours. You’ve perfected the sound to evoke the feeling of the piece. Now you’re ready to settle your nerves down and get prepared to perform.


2021 Performathon!

The Performathon is a community-based event where we welcome students of all ages to come together to share music with our community. We are encouraging our students, from beginners to our most advanced, to share their love of music. At this time, perhaps more than ever, we are focused on providing platforms and opportunities for our students to inspire hope in our community with their music, passion, and dedication.

One CCM Student Branches Out, From Fifer to Flutist, to a College Music Program

April 22, 2021 |

Motivations behind choosing an instrument can vary—from being influenced by family, friends, and teachers to their cultural backgrounds. Determining the correct instrument can mean the difference between a lifelong passion of playing or dropping lessons because of lack of interest and frustration. It can also mean achieving such fantastic success that it becomes a career.

CCM Celebrates Black Composers with Inspirational History Lessons

April 20, 2021 |

Why is it that when we think of classical music, our minds immediately go to Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, or Mozart?

The influence of racial biases permeated the music world long ago, and not just the classical corner. This spring offered the ideal time to shine the light on and learn about Black composers. Their compilation of work—including compositions that seem to have only recently resurfaced—should be studied, played, and appreciated.

CCM Celebrates Black Composers

CCM Celebrates Black Composers

We invite the community to join us for a series of virtual recital programs on Saturday, April 10th that Celebrates Black Composers. Students and teaching artists have chosen pieces from a wide range of genres – classical, folk, jazz, and ragtime – whose composers span the globe. Each student will perform iconic pieces and share a short presentation about the composer of their piece.

CCM's Monday Morning Message

March 23, 2021 |

By Joan Mankoff

Reluctantly, let’s revisit March 2020. A world pandemic infiltrates every aspect of our lives. The world as we know it starts shutting down, and uncertainty becomes the constant. The routines of our day-to-day life dissolve. Everything that can go online becomes virtual. Stress is high, and connection as we know it is low. What’s a community-entrenched, hands-on local music school to do?!

Rhythmicity: The Importance of Practicing Tricky Passages in Rhythm

March 9, 2021 |

By Noa Kageyama, Ph.D. (BulletProofMusician)

It’s often said that timing is everything. Yes, people are typically referring to life or business when they say this, but it appears that the same could be said for athletic and musical endeavors as well. After all, space out for a moment in orchestra, and you could very well end up playing a solo that nobody saw coming.

CCM Workshops

2021 Spring Workshops

Allow CCM workshops to boost the development of your internal musicianship skills—learning music at CCM is more than just learning how to read notes.  Studying appropriate and effective vocal skills enables you to play your instrument with more meaning, emotion, and creativity. Learning to sing in tune, play rhythmic beats, and how to improvise can help you master your instrument. LEARN MORE


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CCM provides engaging and fun instruction for kids and adults with highly accomplished musicians. It's your opportunity to learn, experience, and appreciate music. Beginner to advanced levels of rigorous private lesson instruction offered for bass, banjo, cello, clarinet, flute, guitar, mandolin, oboe, piano, saxophone, trumpet, viola, and violin as well as percussion, theory, and voice instruction. Ready to boost your confidence and experience the joy of creating music? We think you're ready! LEARN MORE

Choose the Right Instrument for Your Child

By Joan Mankoff

School’s out! That exclamation brings extra excitement for a fun and relaxing summer. But, of course, that means a “real” back to school is just around the corner! So now is the time to consider your child’s activities and equipment for the fall docket. Learning a new musical instrument is a great way to kick off the new school year.

Let’s revisit why music is so beneficial to children and their overall developmentLEARN MORE

Music for All Ages

Music for all ages


CCM is the best place to sow the seed for lifelong interest. Our teachers know how to strike just the right chord between creating fun, playful learning and teaching solid musical concepts. Children as young as 4 years old and up explore the world of music in an age-appropriate and engaging environment. Even at these younger ages, students are given the fundamentals for their future study and enjoyment of music.

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CCM’s offerings for teens tap into their growing maturity and provide an exciting outlet to express themselves through music. Whether your teen is a first-time musician or conservatory bound, our teaching artists are exceptional at meeting the unique needs of this age group.

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Early and Always. Music instruction can start with young children and continue to welcome learners into their 90s. At any age and ability level, there's something for everyone. CCM’s faculty is experienced in teaching adult learners, and prides itself on its growing number of adult students and the offerings for the senior population.

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Music Matters

Music, like nothing else, can reach into our lives and affect us. Music changes our mood, sharpens our thoughts; it can transport us to places we visited, help us relive memories of special moments in our lives. Enjoy our video!

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