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American Roots

Grab your string instrument and join an American Roots class in Bluegrass, Old-Time and more.  

Guitar, mandolin, fiddle/violin, bass, banjo, and Dobro are welcome!

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Meet our instructors, experience instrument demos, and learn what it means to be part of our vibrant community. Sit side-by-side with your kids, and watch our VIDEO
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Getting Started with GarageBand

January 12, 2021 |

By Lydia Yoder
If you've used a Mac computer, iPhone, or iPad in the past 15 years, you've probably heard of GarageBand. It's Apple's audio design software that lets you record your tunes and utilize a huge library of pre-recorded sounds to produce music. Music production involves designing things like the form, instrumentation, and sound of a piece.

Rasa Vitkauskaite’s Inspired Touch Develops Well-Rounded Musicians

December 15, 2020 |

by Holly Lobowitz Rossi, Benjamin Hitzrot has been taking piano lessons at CCM for half of his young life. Now a 14-year-old who is applying to private high schools, he faced an essay question about an influential person who had shaped his life. The choice was obvious—he wrote about Rasa Vitkauskaite, his beloved piano teacher.

CCM's Gift of Music to You!

CCM's Gift of Music to You

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Beginner Group Piano for Adults: Keys 101

It's time to tickle those ivories and learn the basics of playing the piano, including good technique, note reading, ear training, and the foundation of chord reading. With this under your belt, you'll be able to navigate the keys as we learn tunes that will satisfy and keep you motivated to learn more. You will learn music adapted for your level of playing for those who already have a year of experience and are re-learning the piano. 

Calling All Adult Learners!

December 1, 2020 |

It's Never Too Late to Learn an Instrument - Covid Safe and Good for Your Health, By Joan Mankoff Are you struggling to figure out what to do safely during the upcoming winter days amidst a global pandemic? Do you feel the need to enrich your life, health, and emotional well-being during these challenging times? Learning music may be the answer.

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We are celebrating 15 years of providing music education in our community, and we want to sayTHANK YOU!

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Have a Tendency to Play “Too Safe” Under Pressure? Here’s a Daily Habit That Could Help You Play More Fearlessly on Stage.

November 23, 2020 |

By Noa Kageyama, Ph.D. (BulletProofMusician) Whether it concerns private lesson students or ensemble members, receiving positive and constructive feedback before their recitals usually helps prepare them. It boosts their confidence. But is that enough?

Lecture: America's Log-Cabin Composer

Log Cabin Composer

Join us online December 2 from 5:30 - 6:30 pm for the CCM lecture: America's Log-Cabin Composer, 200 Years of the Dawning of Music in Kentucky. Anthony Philip Heinrich was a Bohemian immigrant who, having lost his business fortune in Europe, came to the U.S. to reinvent himself as a conductor and violinist.

Tsuyoshi Honjo: When Music and Racing Collide

November 11, 2020 |

If you've witnessed Tsuyoshi belt out a tune on his soprano saxophone, you've seen him race from note to note with incredible speed and dexterity. He brings the same work ethic, intensity, and control to racing motorcycles - at 140 miles per hour.

Workshops for Everyone!

2020-2021 CCM Workshops
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What's New at CCM

Stephen Marotto

LEARN A SECOND INSTRUMENT - AND SO MUCH MORE! Think about your favorite musical artist and the instruments they play. Bruce Springsteen, on guitar, keyboard, or harmonica? Jerry Garcia on guitar or banjo? Prince on the keyboard, guitar, or 20 more? So many well-known artists of the past century are skilled on more than one instrument.

2021 CCM Lecture Series

While private lessons are essential to learning most instruments, students who go beyond one-on-one learning cultivate and advance their musical skills and knowledge to a higher level.CCM LECTURES provide students, and anyone who appreciates music, with interesting stories and facts. Get informed and plan to attend a lecture today!LEARN MORE

2021 Spring Workshops

Allow CCM workshops to boost the development of your internal musicianship skills—learning music at CCM is more than just learning how to read notes.  Studying appropriate and effective vocal skills enables you to play your instrument with more meaning, emotion, and creativity. Learning to sing in tune, play rhythmic beats, and how to improvise can help you master your instrument. LEARN MORE

Music for All Ages

Music for all ages


CCM is the best place to sow the seed for lifelong interest. Our teachers know how to strike just the right chord between creating fun, playful learning and teaching solid musical concepts. Children as young as 4 years old and up explore the world of music in an age-appropriate and engaging environment. Even at these younger ages, students are given the fundamentals for their future study and enjoyment of music.

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CCM’s offerings for teens tap into their growing maturity and provide an exciting outlet to express themselves through music. Whether your teen is a first-time musician or conservatory bound, our teaching artists are exceptional at meeting the unique needs of this age group.

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Early and Always. Music instruction can start with young children and continue to welcome learners into their 90s. At any age and ability level, there's something for everyone. CCM’s faculty is experienced in teaching adult learners, and prides itself on its growing number of adult students and the offerings for the senior population.

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Music Matters

Music, like nothing else, can reach into our lives and affect us. Music changes our mood, sharpens our thoughts; it can transport us to places we visited, help us relive memories of special moments in our lives. Enjoy our video!

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