Early Childhood, Piano

YuHsin started playing the piano at age 3 and was born into a musical family. She grew up attending many concerts and musical performances since her mom teaches piano as well. YuHsin has enjoyed singing and improvising on the piano since she was very little. She started to serve as a church pianist when she was only 10.

Full of inspiration, love, and joy for music, YuHsin gets her students passionate about learning and playing piano. She encourages her students to discover themes behind pieces. Her lessons not only help students build a strong foundation of music, but also teaches them how to analyze pieces and interpret emotions conveyed from compositions. She often asks her students: What do you feel about this music? Is it telling a story? What’s the scene you see or mood it conveys?

Her teaching philosophy permits students to feel the music, and think about how they are going to present it, rather than directly telling them what to do. She believes that through this kind of music journey, students learn to personalize musical components into their performances. This allows students to apply what they’ve learned to any music they listen to—in and outside of the classroom.

YuHsin earned her Master of Music degree and a Dalcroze Eurhythmics License/Certificate from Longy School of Music of Bard College in Cambridge in 2011. She received her Bachelor of Music Degree from National Tainan University, Taiwan, and is a certified elementary school teacher. YuHsin was awarded first prize in the National Music Competition in Taiwan and recorded CDs for music textbooks. In addition to performance, she specializes in piano improvisation and recorder playing. She’s a member of the National Federation of Music Clubs and Missouri Federation of Music Clubs, District IV-B.

From 2009 to 2013, YuHsin taught music education at various institutions in Massachusetts, including Tufts University, Concord Conservatory of Music, and the Boston Symphony Outreach Program. After her family moved to Saint Louis, MO, she started a piano studio and was a church pianist. Returning to Massachusetts, and in addition to teaching at CCM, she serves as the pianist/organist for several churches.

Besides teaching, YuHsin enjoys spending time with her family, baking, cooking, and biking. She loves telling stories and playing musical story games with her two daughters. Singing, dancing, and improvising on the piano keeps them connected and having fun!

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"The goal of my lessons is to build up students' foundation of music knowledge and to help them cultivate a unique capability of interpreting and expressing music. My lessons driven by piano improvisation will inspire students to create, imagine, and implement their own music and movement rhythm, which could have a positive lifetime impact on their body coordination and instrument playing."