World Rhythms Hand Drumming

Hand Drumming!

Come learn to do hand drumming from cultures around the world with acclaimed drummer Mike Connors from the Concord Conservatory of Music.  

You’ll learn proper hand technique while learning traditional rhythms using a turbano drum.  Topics to be covered include technique for hand drumming, rhythms from Africa, South America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe, developing a rhythmic vocabulary for improvisation, and exercises to improve internal pulse. This is a fun and engaging way to learn about rhythm and experience the joy of drumming in a supportive group environment. 

No experience necessary. This class is designed for someone who has never played the turbano before or has had very little experience, however, all students will be challenged at their level. No need to bring a drum. 

Please contact us if interested in the class.

Mike Connors
Tuesday, 9:30 am
60 minutes
Not offered this semester