Re-Discovering Theory for the Experienced Adult Musician

Music Theory for Adults

Further pursuits for the musician who has had musical experience, but wants to brush up on theory, or find new avenues of critical perception and expression.  This is also an ideal class for those who have dreaded or avoided Theory in the past, as Dr. Evans strives to make the materials both enlightening and entertaining. We will explore the power of Theory to tackle the complexities, while at the same time to reveal elegant simplicities.  We will also put pencil to paper exploring the traditionally creative aspects of theory, such a counterpoint, and choral writing.  We will review basics as needed, and solfege & rhythm skills will be provided and assigned upon request.

For more information, please call the CCM office at 978-369-0010 or email the Student Services Manager.

Peter J. Evans
1 hour
Spring Semester Only