The Musician's Toolbox: Basics of Music Theory

Music Theory for Adults

Are you learning an instrument and want to learn more efficiently? The Musician’s Toolbox is a six-week, multi-level theory workshop here to do just that. Why is Music theory thought of as hard to learn, and only for serious musicians? When taught the right way, it is simple and enjoyable. Here at CCM music theory is considered an integral part of the study of music. Our new slate of theory classes will not only teach you the fundamentals that will enhance your private instrumental/voice lessons, but they will also teach you how to be a better music listener, and to understand and appreciate the music in your life. You will see the difference, and your playing will flourish.

Beginner students will develop basic note-reading skills, acquire skills to help them recognize and count rhythm patterns, read key signatures and understand scales and intervals. Students receive a working knowledge of music symbols and terminology, both on the page and by ear. They learn the notes on the keyboard and enjoy a new appreciation of familiar tunes. The CCM Theory Class is the perfect start to a successful music education.

For more information, please call the CCM office at 978-369-0010 or email the Student Services Manager.

Peter J. Evans
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