Group Keyboard - Online

Learn to play the piano in a fun, relaxed class designed to engage and inspire your child.  Students will learn to read music, play the piano, and eventually compose their own pieces through songs, fun games, and activities.  Students will receive a weekly 30-minute Zoom group class and a separate one-on-one 15-minute Zoom session with the instructor. The individual sessions will enhance the student’s focus on reading and listening, progress the development of motor and memory skills, and reinforce the concepts from the group class to foster excellent practice skills.  The small classes of four to six move together as a group and cover basic reading and rhythm skills, ear training by singing with solfege. Similar to private lessons, students progress through a beginning keyboard book over the year.

Registration deadlines:

Spring semester: January 26, 2021

5-7 years old
Melissa Tucker and Kitty Cheung-Evans
Maximum Enrollment: 
30-minutes grp + 15-minutes private, 14-weeks
Start Date: 
Spring semester January 28, 2021