Intro to Jazz Piano

Masako Jasmine Yotsugi

Have you ever wanted to play jazz piano?

Have you ever wanted to play spontaneously when people ask you to “play something”? In this short program, you will learn chords, basic Jazz theory, and how to activate left hand accompaniment, how to fill in the space and how to create the ending. Every week, you’ll learn new topics applied to different tunes. By the end of the program, you will be able to play 6 tunes.

Prerequisite: 3 years of experience, note reading (treble clef only), basic rhythms (quarter, half, whole and eighth notes/rests)

Who is this course for?

“I played classical piano when I was young. Now I want to play some popular music.”

“I want to learn how to play jazz but don’t know where to start.”

“ I want to be able to play from the jazz real book (lead sheet).”

Week 1:

Major Scales formula and basic triads

“Love Me Tender”

Week 2:

Diatonic chords (seventh chords) and basic jazz theory

“When You Wish Upon A Star”

Week 3:

Stride Piano Style

“I’ve got a crush on you”

Week 4:

Melody Harmonizing

“It Had To Be You”

Week 5:

Walking bass

Tune “Misty”

Week 6:

How to create the ending

“Every Time We Say Goodbye”

Please contact us if interested in the class.

Teens - Adults
Masako Jasmine Yotsugi
Maximum Enrollment: 
60 minutes, 6 weeks
Start Date: