Group Guitar 1

Group Guitar Level 1


Continue your musical journey with Group Guitar 1 for Adults - perfect for the beginner and advanced beginner players. Learn chords, simple strums, and tuning in a fun, relaxed group setting. You’ll be introduced to the basic elements of rhythm and harmony that will have you making music in no time! 

If you have experience and interested in the class, let’s talk placement. Email the Student Services Manager.
Students leave Group Guitar with the following: 
  • Basic open position chords: A, D, E, G, C, Am, Em, A7, B7, D7, E7, G7
  • A sense of playing single notes and a few licks
  • Essential boom-chicka strums in 4/4 and 3/4 time
  • I-IV-V tunes in A, D, G, and E
  • A solid sense on how to read a “lead sheet”
  • The desire to keep playing
Björn Wennås
Maximum Enrollment: 
60 minutes, 14 weeks